23 March 2019

The Coming Wars Between Peoples - A Conspiracy Tale

Remember What Freedom Looks Like

The Global Elites are in a state of global concern. Their war everlasting is fraying apart, terrorism was a good instrument to exploit by the elites, no nation states to pin down and wipe out, only a bunch of phantoms who rise up and attack before fading into the background like the smoke from a campfire drifting on the evening breeze. Hard to defend against, even more difficult to identify and link the individual terrorists together. The bag of tricks employed by the Global Elites are anything but shallow and limited. 

Unfortunately, for the residents of planet Earth, when plan one is not succeeding as expected the elites change directions and deploy a new tactic. As, I mentioned in previous posts, the Global Elites do NOT care about you, your friends, your family and certainly not about me. They will use ANY method to achieve their plan of world domination. With the continued stone-walling in North America to any attempt at a general arms roundup from the average citizen, the elites had to change directions and hit hard where no one was expecting.....Christchurch, New Zealand. New location, new victim same plan, the same expected outcome. The Global Elites do NOT care, religion, no religion, nice or naughty, if you are convenient to their end game YOU ARE A TARGET. The elites have exploited the Islamic Extremists as a convenient bad guy and fall guy. This convenient relationship is purely one way, the Global Elites are fostering and enabling terror groups who are easily misled - Islamic Extremists have their own agenda and they are being hoodwinked into believing when this is all over they will win and the Global Elites will be their slaves. 

No matter who you are no one deserves to be the target of an attack. Those recent victims in Christchurch, NZ, they did not deserve it. The Muslim believers find themselves in a tough position, if they speak up against the Islamic Extremists and their Caliphate, and the Extremists win, the believers who did speak against the Caliphate will be executed or become slaves to the Islamic Extremists. If these Muslim believers do not speak out the rest of the world views their silence as quiet support for the Islamic Extremists. This is chaos. Chaos is the weapon of the Global Elites. These people are being played and so are the rest of us on this planet. 

Weak minded people are easily exploited and manipulated by the Global Elites. To the government of New Zealand and your recent Executive Order limiting law abiding citizens from previous  held firearms privileges, shame on you!! Your behaviour is helping the Global Elites disarm the lawful, to enable their enslavement.   

New Zealand Order in Council Pg 1
Making laws to punish law abiding firearms owners for the crimes of criminals DOES NOT make your streets, cities or countries safer! Make laws that punish criminals for committing criminal acts against your citizens and hold the criminals accountable for their actions. If you cannot keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, what makes you think keeping firearms out of the hands of the law abiding will help?? Or, is there a bigger plan in play and all governments of the world are subservient to the the Cabal controlled by the Global Elite?? If that is true, these truly are sad days and the puppets are playing their roles well. Shame on you!! The citizens of your countries voted you into power to protect them from the big, bad world and you are caving in and showing a lack of leadership or awareness of the world around you. This government order does not protect the peoples of New Zealand from future attacks! It only shows those who will attack to know the citizens of New Zealand are less likely to be able to defend themselves. 
New Zealand Order in Council Pg 2

As I said earlier, we are all being played and manipulated by the Cabal controlled by the Global Elites. Of course, few will read what I am writing and fewer still will afford my words any weight. When manipulation occurs above the nation state level, providing unequivocal proof is rarely a possibility. However, freedom of expression allows me the right to express how I am viewing the world around me and I get to share that with you. If you think I am wrong, that is okay, you have that right. Similarly, if my observations appeal to you, you can chose to believe what I am saying. Or, you can use your own resources to start to question what is going on around you and make your own decision on the state of affairs in this world of ours. It is not too late to wake up and stand up to the Global Elites. They are not done yet. They are working hard to bring down everything we hold dear to our experiences on planet Earth. They cannot be bought. They cannot be coerced. But, if the peoples of this planet stand up, together, we can deny them our world.
New Zealand is not the only location to be facing the heat lately. Back in good old Canada, new stories are starting to surface around the SNC Lavalin affair. Brian Giesbrecht's Who Pressured Whom? article in C2C Journal (11 March 2019) ( Who Pressured Whom ) opens some eyes on backroom dealings in Canuckistan. This article is well written and researched, and suggests that former Attorney General Wilson-Raybould may have been making her own power play for Canada, in favour of the First Nation's Peoples. As many Canadians are aware, the old deals & treaties to obtain Canada from the previous owners, were a raw deal. But, at the time neither side negotiated in good faith or open honesty, so, It is not surprising that the First Nation's Peoples will try to re-negotiate the deals and treaties. It is unlikely, this process will be resolved quickly, unless there are some major backroom deals that Canadians are not informed of, until after the deal is done. There is enough information in this article to cause concern for the future of Canada and its citizens. What happens if we end up with Canada and 600 First Nations within Canada?? This is chaos. This is the weapon of the Global Elites. I am confident that our current PM is in league with the Cabal and he is a junior member of the Global Elites. His rise to power in the last election and the focus of his term on projects that divided Canadians instead of uniting us, is proof enough for me. So, is Canada on the eve of an internal emergency and a state of civil war?? Only time will tell. If we are, then we are likely following a path experienced by Rhodesia and South Africa, before us. 

This chaos, is not an accident. A Cabal of very powerful people, working for an even more powerful Overlord(s) is trying to take control of our whole planet. We the citizens of planet Earth are in their way. They do not need all of us, only a select few for breeding more workers, servants and other slaves. They do not care what method is employed to reduce our numbers. The faster we kill each other off, the less work they will be forced to do to take what's left. Now is the time to say "No!" you cannot have our planet without a fight. Start to learn what is going on around you. Start to learn who are the bad guys/gals and who are our friends. It is not too late. Remember, the three top signs that the Cabal is taking control: 1) Removing firearms from private citizens, 2) Controlling or shutting down the Internet & 3) Restricting the freedom of expression. Other restrictions will quickly follow those three. Currently, the huge volume of privately owned firearms in North America, keeps the Cabal from getting out of control. But, things are changing quick these days and the Cabal is attacking from many angles, trying to score a firearms roundup in North America. Once that is achieve the rest of the world will be easy pickings. Stay alert, stay aware, stay alive.

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