26 May 2018

Masters of Chaos - How The Elites Are Keeping You Down......A Conspiracy Tale

Are We Witnessing The Setting of the Sun On Our Civilization?? The Global Elites Hope So!!

Here is the link to the earlier post on this theme: Divide & Conquer

Today, we will continue our sordid tale of power, greed, deceit, deception by a dark, shadowy cabal who seem to be immortal. Although, this will be a fictional tale - it most certainly was inspired by real events: past and present. May all readers awaken & take back what is ours before it is, too late. The future is not set..........

What is chaos?? Why are we so susceptible to its power?? Who would wield this intentionally against the citizens of Planet Earth?? Chaos - The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction..... whether, we are speaking of organized crime, the war on drugs, genocides or massed shootings, all of these events keep us - Citizens of Earth, ducking for cover while we try to scratch out a living. Day in & day out we get up, go to work, pay our bills, buy fuel, buy food, pay taxes before calling it a day and go to bed. What kind of life have we been conditioned to live?? 

If, it feels like there should be more to life than nose-to-the-grindstone - have you ever asked why?? Why is life like this?? Could this be part of someone's plan?? And, I am suggesting, this is not part of your plan for life. Could there be interference from a cabal of greedy, self-centred, egotistical, power-hungry elitists?? Global Elites who will do ANYTHING to ensure they rule the planet?? 

I recommend you stop watching the nightly news on cable TV. With current events: mass shootings, genocides, religious extremism, war in general and terrorism in particular; your understanding of the world around you is being molded to fit an agenda. The more you watch, the more you are being groomed. Of, all the tools of chaos - mass media is the most powerful. And because it does not hurt you physically, you are made to believe it does no damage. (Pop culture flashback.....anyone remember the TV show Max Headroom?? IMDB Max Headroom; re-watch and maybe you will find many things have come true.)

So, what is the purpose of all this chaos?? It seems, so, out of control?? Are you saying this is not only controlled but orchestrated?? 
Chaos has the primary mission to prevent ordinary citizens from seeing the big picture and it achieves this by distraction and FEAR. Truly, how can you spend the time, energy and money keeping track of all the problems around the world when you have to protect your loved ones from being car-jacked on the drive to work/school or keep the meth-heads from busting into your home at night?? These kinds of distractions keep you busy at the bottom of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - personal security & safety. Upward movement is not possible when kept at this level. That is the purpose of chaos, to keep you at the bottom of the pyramid!!
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (Link: Wiki )

Are you suggesting there is no hope?? Is there nothing we can do?? Is there anything that can combat chaos?? Shall we just bend down and kneel before the Global Elites and be shackled to the yoke of slavery right now?? That is not even close to what I am suggesting. There are many things that will throw off the yoke of oppression and the top two are: personal ownership of firearms and access to the free exchange of information and ideas between peoples.....a.k.a. The Internet. (We will touch on a few more at the end of this post.) 

Are you serious, firearms?? Yes, I am very serious. Without private ownership of firearms, any tyrannical government or corporation can take power and subject the citizens to oppression  and servitude. It is only with firearms in the hands of private citizens that the balance of power is kept in check. If you do not agree with me that is fine. I can assure you that every-time since the advent of gunpowder, when the people had their firearms taken away, they suffered greatly at the hands of those who took them. 

The Internet, so what?? It is just a place to share gossip and dumb jokes. How can the Internet be important?? The Internet was designed to share information even in a post-nuclear holocaust environment where some of the infrastructure had been knocked out. The Internet is a very powerful communications tool and MUST stay a public domain. NO GOVERNMENT OR CORPORATION should ever be allowed to own the Internet. Yes, there is a cost to this type of openness. On many levels this open communications tool is misused to spread or share types of information or images that offend some. In a mature world, if we don't like or agree with something we do not support it. With that said, the Internet is, too important to allow it to be oppressed & dictated by those who seek to control you. The Internet allows you to stay in contact with friends & loved ones anywhere in the world at anytime - night or day. If the Internet is controlled, then your unrestricted means of communication is GONE!!  Why should I care?? Really, what could happen??  If, Facebook & Twitter were removed maybe that would be for the best. I suggest you do not get sucked into that kind of mindset. Start thinking for yourself. Pay attention. 

Here is a quick synopsis of a six phase plan that the Global Elite's quasi-world government could employ to destroy the world as we know it. Phase one: End of Countries, Phase two: Disarm the Citizens, Phase three: Shutdown the Internet, Phase Four: Create a Holy War, Phase Five: Enslave the Survivors & Phase Six: Golden Age for the Global Elites.

Let's dig in a little deeper into each phase, shall we.......

Phase One: End of Countries - destroy the concept of nation states. Convince the masses that one world community will serve all the people more equally. One government. One level of taxes. No need for passports. Free travel anywhere. Free to move. Free to work anywhere. This sounds like a socialist utopia. I would love if that was the outcome. That would have planet Earth progressing to a level one civilization from our current level zero. Unfortunately, the greedy, power-hungry cabal that seeks to establish this one world government are not doing this to make your life better. People are you paying attention.....this is not being done to help YOU!!! If this one world government idea was being organized by an altruistic leader or organization, maybe we could all work together and make it happen. 

Phase Two: Disarm the Citizens - take away the one means of self-defence. Without an equal means of force, there becomes an imbalance in the world. An imbalance much greater than what we are currently experiencing in the imbalance between the wealthy and not wealthy. The successful disarming of the Citizens will be one of the last nails in the coffin called civilization! Disarming the Citizens has nothing to do with public safety nor a means to prevent mass shootings. The Global Elites will use ANY means of changing the opinions of the public to vilify firearms, firearms owners and the reason private firearm ownership is necessary. If you have recently been shocked by the frequency of mass shootings, you have not seen anything yet. To forward their agenda of world domination, the Global Elites, will be orchestrating far more horrifying events to ensure that John Q Public demand that all firearms are taken away. Pay attention, this has nothing to do with sport shooting, hunting or crime prevention. Criminals DO NOT obtain their firearms legally. If you demand firearms to be removed from private ownership you are doing the work for the Global Elites. 

Phase Three: Shutdown the Internet - take away the means of the people to know what is happening around them. Once the guns are gone, then the oppression really kicks into high gear. With the Internet gone, there will be no way to coordinate any type of resistance. And the oppression will be unstoppable. "Trouble-makers" and citizen leaders will be herded into containment camps for their own safety (& maybe a bit of re-education!) With the leaders out of the way, with no means of communicating and with no firearms to defend themselves......those left will be like sheep left to the mercy of the circling wolves......

Phase Four: The Holy War - exploit one group to slaughter the other group. Right now the Global Elites have set up the Islamic Extremists as their (Elite's) whipping dogs. The Elites are creating conditions to exploit the extremist hate of others and giving the extremists the false-hope that they will be reaping a great reward once they have exterminated the infidels. The moderate Muslim know not to speak up against the extremists, for fear that extremists will win. Any Muslim who does not help during the Jihad will not reap the rewards of the victory and in many cases would be subject to execution for lack of support. The majority of non-Muslims do not want to be Muslim and right now they are free to chose their religion. The Global Elites know they have created the perfect storm. Two non-compatible civilizations being pitted against each other. However, these have been interesting times. The Global Elites are beginning to get impatient. They have organized not less than 6 major conflicts in this new millennium but to date none has lit the fuse to blow the powder keg sky high. Yes, we have witnessed many horrific conflicts with huge loss of life, but so far, none has exploded into a global conflict..........not yet. The Global Elites are getting desperate and they are changing their tactics using infiltration and subversion to spark the Holy War. Wake up people!! These conflicts are being orchestrated to create a massive war that will consume 50%-70% of the population on Planet Earth. Phase Four concludes with a massive reduction of world population.

Phase Five: Enslave the Survivors - secure the chains of obedience and kill the rest. The Global Elites have their own armies. These armies will not be sacrificed in the Holy War. They will be saved for after..........an after, that will see the victor of the Holy War either on their knees accepting the yoke of servitude or exterminated. Although, the Global Elites probably only number in the tens of thousands they want the planet for themselves. They will, however, need servants. Servants to cook for them. Servants to clean for them. Servants to grow the food. Servants to build homes/mansions. Servants to build yachts. Servants to sail the yachts. Servants to build roads and infrastructure. And, of course, servants to satisfy every twisted sexual fantasy the Global Elites may crave. There will be a place for anyone who is willing to serve on their knees. This New World Order will suppress resistance for many generations. Those who survive to become servants of the Elites are not likely to be the folks who value freedom, liberty or justice. Those type of folks who would have died to defend freedom, liberty & justice will have been exterminated much earlier in the process. 

Phase Six: The Golden Age for the Global Elites - the great reward for all their sacrifice. For all their humanity they overlooked, they shall be rewarded with a world in which there are the Elites and their slaves. This Golden Age would likely last for a few hundred years, maybe, even a thousand years. But, eventually, the greedy would still be greedy......they would covet their neighbour's possessions. In-fighting will be the downfall of the Global Elites. They have spend so many generations trying to achieve world dominance, that once they achieved it they would continue to try to have everything. These are not the type of people who share very well. Then, justice will prevail and the Global Elites will destroy themselves........unfortunately, it will not be before the end of the world as we know it.

So, that is the big picture. That is why so many right now are not willing to give up ownership of their firearms. That is why so many are not allowing the Internet to be privatized or controlled by any government. Once the thin edge of the wedge is inserted it is very hard to remove it. What can you do?? How can you help?? You don't want to get involved but you do not want to be a slave??

Knowledge is the best defence against elitism, especially, Global Elitism. Now is the time to get educated. Start thinking for yourself. Learn world history. Learn your local history. Get your firearms license. Buy at least one firearm. Write letters to your elected representatives and tell them - "Hell NO!! I do not want a one world government!!", "Leave firearms owners alone!", "Leave the Internet alone!" and send the message over and over. Those elected work for us, NOT the other way around. Use the Internet to learn what is going on in the world. Make contact with people in other countries. Listen to what they tell you. When not filtered through the lame stream media, you may find that others around the globe suffer just like you do. Become aware of your world around you. Become situationally aware. 

I have recently read "Web of Debt" by Ellen Hodgson Brown (Link: http://www.webofdebt.com/). If you believe I am over-the-top and totally paranoid, maybe now would be a good time to do some research. "Web of Debt" is an excellent book that traces the history of money and those who control the money. It shares stories of those who tried to change the path and how they died. This book will change how you look at the world. This is a very good place to get an education that is outside the control of the Global Elites. 

I am currently reading "Guns, Germs & Steel" by Jared Diamond (Link: amazon.ca/Guns-Germs-Steel-Jared-Diamond). This book is very interesting so far. I am only 1/3 of the way through but I look forward to each opportunity to read more. This book traces the major factors for successful empires through the last 40,000 years or so. This information is quite valuable to help understand the live cycle of empires and civilizations. How to identify what resources are most important and maybe even what needs to be saved at the end of a cycle. Those who play computer games like Syd Meyer's Civilization, will enjoy why empires grow faster than others when access to resources is limited. 

Like I mentioned earlier, knowledge is the key to defeating a threat like Global Elitism. Learn as much as you can, while you can. Study about Agenda 21, the history of money/debt and taxes.  Hopefully, in the future humans will evolve into better citizens of the universe. Citizens that can make a difference on Planet Earth and in the Milky Way. Citizens who seek to work together for a greater good and not dwell in self-serving ambitions. Yes, we all deserve to pursue that which we love, but only if it does not harm others. Once we each have achieved self-actualization, then can we work towards goals that rewards all on the planet. 

Be Aware!  Be Prepared!  Be Ready!

Until next time......work together!



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