21 April 2020

The G.O.O.D. Plan is Now Available on Amazon!

The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge is now available on Amazon!!! 
This has been a long journey to achieve an electronic format of The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge that is widely available to world wide audience. 
I would like to thank fellow author Mark Meincke (Home Seller's Bible (2018)) and podcast host of The Meincke Show Podcast (https://anchor.fm/mark-meincke) for sharing information that led to the successful completion of this conversion process. 
Listen to the recent podcast when Mark and I had a chat:
I would also like to thank Nita Robinson at Nita Helping Hand (http://www.nitahelpinghand.net/) for all of her patience and assistance to get The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out ODodge into a format that would upload on Amazon/Kindle. Contrary to the conversation with Mark, this book did not easily convert. Thanks again, Nita!!
This is the link to The GOOD Plan Blog: https://thegoodplanblog.blogspot.com/2020/04/the-good-plan-now-available-on-amazon.html (Yes, I am using the same content here.)

If anyone feels inclined to visit Amazon and leave a book review I would be very appreciative of your continued support. 

Until next time, if life puts up barriers...stay focused until you achieve success!!


19 April 2020

Micro Rig - GSG MP-40 Design and Pics - Another SATAS Co Proto-type

Big Rock, Foothills County, Alberta, Canada
Another day, another proto-type. This time a micro rig for a GSG MP-40. 

This micro rig utilizes a signal smoke pouch, a 4"x 4" x 6" utility pocket and 5 mag pockets (horizontally mounted); as well as, the standard admin pocket where everything is mounted to.

These mag pockets have a snug fit and hold most of the magazine inside the pocket, as such, flaps are not required.

The other feature to mention was the addition of a water bottle carrier on the waist belt - a horizontally mounted pouch that holds a 32 ounce Nalgene water bottle. The side release buckle is mounted exposed to aid in opening the pouch while wearing the micro rig. 

The primary fabric for this project was 1000 denier Cordura in Woodland with a 600 denier polyester pack cloth as the backing material. Combined with polypropylene webbing, this gear should have a long service life.
If called upon to recreate this design I would increase the volume of the magazine pockets. This proto-type used 1.5" for the sides and 1" for the top dimensions for each pocket. I would increase that to 1.75" for the sides and 1.25" for the top. I would keep the finished length at 8.25".

Also, I would put a bottom panel on the utility pouch to give more volume and less fabric to sew through to finish the pocket.

The Rhodesian style harness seems to work well, so no need to change that at this time. An "H" harness could be a future option, but not at this time.

Until next time...make more gear!!


The following images are the design plans I worked from to create this proto-type. 

16 April 2020

Micro Shotgun Rig - Part Two: The Build Process

Big Rock, Foothills County, Alberta, Canada
Micro Shotgun Rig - Part One (https://mtnmanblog.blogspot.com/2020/04/micro-shotgun-rig-designed-and-proto.html). In Part One I explained where the idea came from and shared a few pictures of the finished micro rig. In Part Two; we will carry on and discuss the actual construction of a micro rig. 

The picture to the right is what the finished micro shotgun rig looks like. To get to that point required a few steps.

The first part was the main bag that everything is fixed to or built on. Then, the pockets were designed and added. Finally, the side seams were sewn together. After that, the various shotshell cards were sewn up. This took me ten-hours to complete. 

Then, the Rhodesian style harness was designed and made; followed by the waist belt. I wanted the waist belt to be more functional, so I added a back pad to form to the lower back and allow for extras to be added. This took another two hours.

 The design was very simple - shotgun ammo on the left side (as you wear the rig) and a 6x6 pouch and signal smoke pouch on the right.

I explored some design options, such as the addition of MOLLE type webbing on the back of the main pocket - I did not do this on this proto-type. 

One construction note: Although I thought about sewing the final assembly step by sewing good-to-good and then reversing; in the end I just top stitched the front to the back. Simple.
 Next was designing the shotgun ammo pocket and the 6x6 pouch and pocket flap. And, find the pattern for the signal smoke pouch. 

As the proto-type uses two fabrics, it was necessary to sew good-to-good and then reverse and top stitch. Unlike, some vests or packs in the past These pockets were only 3/4 and did not have a back and were sewn directly onto the rig. 

Lots of Velcro was used. Always for some modifications later without rebuilding the whole rig.
 I did find the signal smoke pouch pattern I used on the tactical shotgun vest (https://mtnmanblog.blogspot.com/2018/01/tactical-shotgun-vest-designed.html). This did speed things up. No need to re-invent the wheel.

I made one addition on the underside of the flap, a small piece of binding tape to hold the buckle closer to the flap, so it was not trying to fly away.
 Next, the shotshell cards were built. If you access to diver's web, that would be what I would use. In this case it was just 2" polypro webbing doubled up with loops on the front and Velcro hook on the back. I added 3/4" web loops top and bottom to allow the cards to be tied with paracord so they do not get lost.

I made 3x 6-shot and 5x 5-shot cards. Only four of the 5-shot cards fit in the pocket when loaded with 12 gauge ammo. Which means 38 shells are easily carried.
The harness is a Rhodesian style with crossed straps made from 2" webbing (doubled) with 1" webbing gear loops for the first 16" or so and 1" "D" rings about 6" above the side-release buckles. 

I added a 9" piece of 2" webbing on one shoulder strap to keep the other shoulder strap from getting out of position.

The waist belt was not padded, although, 1/4" foam would be an option is padding was needed. The two layers of fabric and webbing provides enough support and comfort to the user.
 Here are a few more pics. If you have a desire to make you own micro rig, I suggest giving it a try. If you are not so inclined, try contacting SOE Gear (https://www.originalsoegear.com/) and see if they have the micro rig you need. 

Until next time, build it, buy it or steal it...just kidding, looters will be shot!! 
 Stay Safe Folks!!


Micro Shotgun Rig - Designed and Proto-typed by SATAS Co. (Part One)

Big Rocks, Foothills County, Alberta, Canada
Since making my tactical shotgun vest in 2018 (https://mtnmanblog.blogspot.com/2018/01/tactical-shotgun-vest-designed.html). I have been thinking about a more compact option. After repeated trips online, a few different sources suggested checking out gear from Special Operations Equipment (https://www.originalsoegear.com/) SOE Tactical Gear make a Micro Chest Rig for multiple platforms, including shotguns. 

This lead to more searching online and the discovery of some gear review videos:

 So, that is what inspired my thinking for making this proto-type. A compact, snug, shotgun accessory to pack extra ammo and minimal extras. 

While many of my previous vests have been larger, with room for many extras, see these past Blog enteries:

This new project wanted to be on the minimalist side of the spectrum. This is not a patrolling or survival vest. And, this is not a fighting vest - it is not designed to incorporate defensive armour and is not a plate carrier. This vest is for fast and light escape or resistance if a person gets caught in a situation by agents of tyranny, oppression or violence. 

The best defence is a responsive counter-punch. This little package provides backup resources to feed your 12 gauge an extra 38 rounds, as well as, holding a signal smoke and a 6x6 pouch to hold first aid/IFAK/blowout kit and other emergency items. There is webbing on the exterior of the pockets to mount an tourniquet, pen light or glow sticks. Further, the are mounting options on the Rhodesian style harness and the waist belt for adding those essentials you need to carry with you. 

In Part Two (https://mtnmanblog.blogspot.com/2020/04/micro-shotgun-rig-part-two-build-process.html), I will follow-up with the actual process for building a micro rig. I can say it took around twelve-hours of work to draw/design the micro rig I wanted, and then to actually build it. So, if a first run proto-type took twelve-hours, I can assume a production time around six-hours. So, at a minimum of $25/hour for skilled labour to sew a product like this that is $150 just in labour, plus materials...say, $25; and, then a minor profit to make it worthwhile to do as a business, say another $25 and you have a minimal ammo carrier designed with purpose arriving around $200. So, SOE sells their Micro Rigs from around $165 USD and up. Which I can say, having just built my version, is a very good bargain. If you need a micro chest rig and lack the skills to make your own, then, I would seriously suggest checking out SOE Gear (https://www.originalsoegear.com/). 

Join me for Part Two (https://mtnmanblog.blogspot.com/2020/04/micro-shotgun-rig-part-two-build-process.html) to learn what I did to make my proto-type micro chest rig.

Until next time, If you can't afford it and you
really, really need it...Best learn how to make it!


13 April 2020

A Wilderness Shelter - Video Series from JustRandomPfusch

The Foothills - Alberta, Canada
Cruising around YouTube the other day and I happened upon a great series by JustRandomPfusch (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5WzmUJ7ka7W1zyBIdIduhA/about) who are building a wilderness shelter in a German forest. The videos show a lot of hard work and determination to create a place of their own. Well worth your time to have a look. At the moment there are three videos in the series:

Here is my suggestion for their expansion. Too late now, but it could have looked like this

I was not able to share this design in the comment section of YouTube, so, here it is. 

Until next time...get out and build something!!


2 April 2020

Zero Day, The COVID-19 Crisis, The Global Elite, & Collateral Damage - A Conspiracy Tale

Previous Tales

It is the 2nd of April 2020, by now most folks of planet Earth have in one way or another had their life touched or impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. For many it has been some form of lockdown, whether your government has suggested self-isolation or the medical experts have quarantined you to prevent you from spreading the COVID-19 virus with others. Regardless, your life has changed more in the last 8 to 12 weeks than any memorable prior period. This outbreak is far reaching and for many, this does constitute a crisis - personal, family, community, national or global.

This event which has brought all of us together could have a positive outcome. I call it Zero Day and it is a solution that would benefit the many. I will explain the solution a little later. First, this crisis needs to be explored deeper. 

COVID-19 virus, to the best of my understanding is an actual organism and it results in something called bilateral pneumonia which can permanently damage the lungs or kill you. At this time, the exact origin of this virus is being debated by the science and medical communities. Apparently, there is a possibility that the virus has a natural zoological origin from bats, that live and are consumed by the Chinese in the Wuhan region. The other possibility is this virus was created in a lab and released into the Chinese population in the Wuhan region. The breadcrumbs for a created virus has a link to Canada and the Level 4 Lab near Winnipeg, Manitoba; where some samples were taken to the Level 4 Bio-Weapons Lab in Wuhan. In the end, the exact origin of the virus - zoological or manufactured; is irrelevant to the almost one million folks around the planet who have been infected. The question is can a cure or anti-viral medication or organic antidote be found?? There is early, positive finding with an anti-malarial drug called Chloroquine that may help the infected. Similarly, Hydroxychloroquine, may be a benefit to some suffers. These are early days and research is finding answers as fast as possible. At this time, prevention is a better strategy than curing you once infected. In time, there will be some level of herd immunity to this new virus; but that will take time. I am not a medical expert nor a scientist, merely a concerned citizen of planet Earth. I recommend you take all necessary precautions to prevent becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus. Taking typical contamination precautions should help limit your contact - wear PPE: gloves, goggles/face-shield and a barrier mask; and avoid contact with contaminated sources. Final points, COVID-19 virus is airborne and surface survivable - 3 hours in the air and up to 9 DAYS on surfaces. Further, the incubation period can be more than 3 WEEKS (21 DAYS) and persons who have not developed symptoms CAN spread the virus. The virus is small and can easily be breathed in. The higher the viral load, the more infected you will become. IF, and it is a big if, you can limit your initial contact with the virus, your body MAY be able to develop some antibodies, over time. No guarantees. The thinking on this subject, from people smarter than myself, is - if you can survive limited exposure to the virus, maybe the body can build its own defences. So, if you have COVID-19, please, stay home. 

Now, we expand beyond the simple cause and effect of a microscopic virus. This crisis like any other will be exploited by those who have the means to make the best of a bad situation. These are the layers of the onion and a collection of convenient coincidences. The stuff that makes for conspiracy tales. A place where fact is usually stranger than fiction. The fingers of the Global Elites are certainly in this pie...err, crisis.

I started to pay attention to this outbreak seriously on 27th of January 2020 when I learned about the mapping website (https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html). Before, this date I was aware of the outbreak but had not yet learned a solid source of information. Once the mapping of the outbreak, I then captured screenshots once or twice a day to calculate the rate of spread. If the number of cases doubles every 12-hours, I was going to be very concerned. The doubling rate was still concerning, but it was achieved in days not hours. In three days of monitoring this website, I could see that it was going to be a problem. I am not a scientist, merely a student of life. Surely, the government with their platoons of scientists, doctors, medical researchers and other paid experts; someone would be watching this outbreak and may the recommendation to close down air travel to limit the spread of this viral outbreak???? January ends and no action from the government of Canada. Then, what do we see...virtue signalling from our highest leader - if you suggest shutting down air travel from China you are a racist. Are you kidding me!! Is this guy a total idiot?? Is it not his job to protect Canada and Canadians?? What is going on here?!? Although, our national leader is a Global Elitist, and although he only sits at the kiddy's table at the Global Elite dinner parties, he is still a member. In short order, it is evident, he has a plan and actions speak louder than virtue signalling words - he allows and encourages the infection of Canada and Canadians with COVID-19. He waits until the number of infected in Canada is high enough to ensure an epideminc within our nation. With the death toll in Canada passing 100, I hold the prime minister and his puppet regime liable and negligent for those deaths. His lack of actions and leadership allowed a deadly pathogen to kill Canadians. The liability and negligence would have been deniable had some action be ordered in the very early days of the outbreak; such as, closing our borders to flights from China - not because we are racist, for a medical and scientific reason of containing deadly pathogens by controlling travel out of the infected region. Next, the federal health ministry could have suggested that rigorous testing and contact tracing occur to learn the path of spread by those who were infected. Keep those infected isolated until the disease had run its course and they had recovered. This also would have controlled spread of the disease. Finally, the standard precautions of wearing masks, gloves and protective eye wear when in public would have slowed cross-contamination between citizens. The absolute, total lack of ANY countermeasure to this outbreak illuminates to complicity of this government and its leader to being liable and negligent in protecting Canada and Canadians. This dereliction of duty should be held accountable. Prevent further damage and have this government dissolved and provide the official opposition an opportunity to correct the damages, before the current government can make things worse.

Getting a bit deeper into the dirt. Once actions were decided and many Canadians were infected, a general request has been made across the country for EVERYONE to self-isolate. It is now April, self-isolation was asked for in the middle of March and the number of infected continues to increase. Not sure this general isolation request is working. Since, self-isolation has started many Canadians has been laid-off, fired, businesses have closed, and the economy is tanking. Mr. "Budgets Balance Themselves" has promised government aid packages to Canadians who are suffering, but aid packages do not issue themselves, like budgets don't balance themselves. The infrastructure and bureaucracy needed to dole out the aid has to first be created, because the federal government did not have a plan ready to respond to an event of this nature. While the Grey Poupon, may be running low at 24 Sussex, real Canadians are suffering real shortages due to the incompetence of the federal government. Unless, this is not incompetence but the actual plan being played out. A plan of subterfuge where the nation's government is infiltrated, corrupted and the country is robbed and all the residents are killed off. How many billions in handouts has the leader of our nation given to other nations before even considering helping those in this country?? Our nation's leader behaves with so much contempt for Canadians it is nauseating. What is it called when the leader of your country destroys your country and aids the takeover by a foreign entity??? And, if that was not enough, while trying to get the cooperation of all federal political parties in the House of Commons to sign off on a bill to aid Canadians, the nation's leader tries to get measures added to allow for unlimited access to funds of the nation, without questions or parliamentary oversights until 2021??? Not done, yet, next he is trying to invoke the Emergencies Act - the most powerful piece of legislation in the land. Giving total dictatorial power to the leader of the nation. This legislation is reserved for when the nation is in a very bad situation and desperate times require desperate measures.  However, since he has created the conditions of these times, the last person in this country who should be "given" absolute power is a wannabe dictator. Oh, this part of the tale is not yet finish. To add insult to injury, to Canadians and their safety and security in these trying times; let us release all prisoners from prison so they will not contract COVID-19 while trapped in their cell. To unilaterally, allow carte blanche release of the prison populations will only add to the general chaos on the street. Likely, this has knowing to do with the safety of inmates and more to do with creating conditions of conflict on the streets to once again create the conditions necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act. This government has shown itself to be weak, uneducated, and lacking common sense and a danger to the citizens of Canada. There are only three acts left control of the telecommunications, closing the internet and removing firearms from private ownership - viola, dictatorship of Canada. Only the resistance of the Canadian people can stop this from happening. Write your Member of Parliament and express your dissatisfaction with the government in office. Demand that the government be dissolved for dereliction of duty and/or breach of contract. The federal government is not acting on the behalf or best interests on Canada nor Canadians. To use an analogy from the nature; the current federal government and the leader of our nation is like the brood parasitic Cuckoo bird, which seizes the nest of a gentle, caring bird species, lays it own egg and usually destroys the egg(s) in the nest and leaves the taint spawn to be raised by others. (See this https://www.smithsonianmag.com/cuckoos-arent-secretly-jerks-theyre-just-jerks-180951916/). That is a fitting parallel to recent Canadian history. Contemptible, silver-spoon, elitist gets elected on the coat-tails of his father's prior success. Now, that this elitist has wormed his way into the comfy big chair, he is doing his best to drain the whole country dry. I do not know who is benefiting from these actions of bleeding the coffers; but, it is not the average Canadian. 

On another path, was the discovery of QANON (https://qmap.pub/) which was unexpected. Between Q and Anonymous, there is an increased focus of concerned citizens from around the planet keeping an eye on the Global Elites. Many of those concerned have greater research resources than I do. The addition of Wikileaks provides another source of evidence against the Global Elites. The result of this illumination on the den of darkness is an increase of acts of evil from the Global Elites. As mentioned before in previous Conspiracy Tales - the Global Elites DO NOT CARE about you, your family, your community, your country. YOU are a burden on their dystopian future and they want to kill you off. While, two decades of having terrorists as the bad guy of this narrative had been working; the COVID-19 outbreak has done more in three months than those two decades of terrorism. The Global Elites had no qualms of exploiting radical Islam to be the bad guys nor did they care if the citizens of the world hated all Muslims, whether guilty of crimes against humanity or not. The Global Elites DO NOT CARE. So, those who could take a deep breath, step back and look at the big picture; it was easy to see that Muslim community, and even radical followers of Islam were being exploited to be "made" into the bad guys. The Global Elites orchestrated evil, sinister deeds against folks all over the planet and they did it so the Muslim community would be the fall-guy. The battlefield is changing. Time to keep up. Terrorism and the Muslim narrative are over, until they become convenient again; the new narrative is COVID-19 virus. If you thought terrorists were a hard enemy to see out in the open, try visualizing something less than 3 micron across!! Not only is this becoming the perfect enemy for the narrative, it is hard to counter. I mean, eventually, a terrorist or two would be captured or killed in action, but COVID-19...who owns a microscope that would allow for independent confirmation?? You can bet your ass that the Global Elites will exploit this outbreak to their benefit. They will withhold any verifiable vaccine as long as possible. The vaccine they will offer up early will not likely be the real vaccine, but some sort of twisted concoction that has vaccine contaminated with something else. This is not fear mongering, this is tactical caution learned from observing the behaviour and actions of this enemy of the people. The complicity of the UN and the WHO during the outbreak pretty much sums up Global Elite interference.  Has the WHO recommended the use of PPE yet?? Why?? The Global Elites want this outbreak to spread and they want a massive kill off. A virus is much cheaper to the Global Elites than bullets, bombs or armies. Whether the Global Elites had a direct hand in the release or creation of this outbreak, they have certainly influenced inaction to ensure maximum spread. The Global Elites are inside every government around the world. They use the IMF and the World Bank to get control on national money supplies. But, for total control they need to erase the use of physical money (cash); and, the COVID-19 outbreak is proving to be a perfect tool to exploit to remove cash from the use of common people. Tell the people that money can carry the virus - something you cannot see, and they will believe you and stop carrying cash or using cash for transactions. Worse, businesses will stop accepting cash. Now, the Global Elites will be able to introduce electronic currency that will track your every move and every purchase. Freedom of movement will be denied because you will always be watched. Freedom of choice or expression will be erased, because they will know what you are buying, from where and when. The Global Elites will create social media, main stream media campaigns to marginalize behaviours and actions. Using peer pressure and social status to shame you into conformity! If you are still watching main stream media for your opinion or nightly news, try turning off the TV. Stop allowing your mind to be bombarded with mind numbing misinformation. Time to start making your own decisions, time to think for yourself. Don't allow the Global Elites to suppress free thinking. This is not their world, it is ours.

So, while the Global Elites want to take, take, take and bring in their sinister dystopian nightmare future. There is an option...

The peoples of the world can work together and create a better tomorrow. A future which could be without the Global Elites or at least with the Global Elites being in a position of hands off. A condition of allowing some of them to live. However, some of their acts are so grievous, they cannot escape being punished in this world. See, even when you try to think about leniency for the Global Elites and immediately the thoughts get dark. 

In a future where there is cooperation and working towards a better tomorrow the possibilities become infinite. Please, allow me to introduce ZERO DAY. 

Zero day would be a positive solution to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please, read to the end before slamming with your negative thoughts and negative energy. To kill the spread, it may be necessary to let the economy of the world to die. To some, who cannot or will not step back and see the economy for what it is, this will be too much to handle mentally, ideologically or financially. Let us remember that the economy does not exist, it is a social construct. It is make believe. A collective fantasy. It works because everyone buys in to the same delusion. If you can accept this suggestion, there is a solution...and, it only requires a buy in from the majority of the people on the planet. 

Zero Day is a new social construct. It will begin when COVID-19 is controlled, contained or eradicated. It is a simple plan and that will scare many. It will hurt those who have been exploiting the masses but only for a short while during transition. The long-term benefits will overshadow the short-term pains. 

Zero Day would be a do-over, a re-start, a Mulligan, a day to re-balance the books of life on every continent on Earth. Step One on ZERO DAY; would be the forgiveness of ALL Debts. Loans, credit cards, mortgages, every type of debt would be forgiven. They would not exist. Step Two the IMF, the World Bank, the UN and the WHO would all be abolished in an attempt to thwart corruption that has infiltrated many organizations of power around the planet. Step Three - the false economy and the industry of the stock markets would be restructured. The false economy would NOT be allowed to impact the real economy. Speculation and Day Trading would be severely restricted or abolished or relegated to the casinos where betting/gambling would be an individual affair that does not impact the economy. And, Step Four - nations would generate their national currency without the IMF/World Bank infecting the creation of currency at cost + interest. Since, the banks can create money by issuing mortgages and other lending instruments, that will come to an end. Banks can lend what they hold on deposit. No fractional lending practices. 

As for trade and commerce, it never required national currency or currency conversion. If two individuals want to conduct business, they merely had to agree upon a unit of exchange. This could be bottle caps, match sticks, or a weight of a precious metal. The value attributed to paper money or coin is only symbolic. A social construct. 

So, from now until the COVID-19 outbreak can be fixed. Let the economy fail as we know it. From the ashes will rise a new economy, one that starts on ZERO DAY and we all start over together.

I did happen upon another breadcrumb of good news, while exploring materials from QANON. It was an unexpected find and I found it meaningful to me. I am sharing it here, in hopes someone else will find meaning in this, too.

Until next time...Even when the days are the darkest,
Think of solutions & don't dwell on the problems!



26 March 2020

The Meincke Show Podcast - The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge Interview

The Foothills
The first interview of the author, Andrew McMillan of The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge,  on Mark Meincke's - The Meincke Show Podcast:

EP# 60, Andrew McMillan, author of: "The get out of dodge plan" (the G.O.O.D. plan) by The Meincke Show Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

Thanks Mark for the opportunity to share The GOOD Plan to the world.

Until next time...tackle your fears!!