30 November 2017

Dystopian Penny Stock Options For A Cashless Economy - Part One

Strike Anywhere Matches #1
Tealight Candles #2
With the long months of Winter on the horizon, it is time to introduce a topic which you can ponder during the long, dark nights while awaiting the warmth of Spring. Time to think about investing for a dystopian future. With a little thought and imagination you can survive in a dystopian world, with a bit more thought you could even thrive!

Many of the Global Elitists of today made their wealth during chaotic times in the past at the expense of their neighbour. But, we are not talking about soulless exploitation.....merely, the act of being prepared in an ever changing, uncertain future. And having enough resources for you and your family and enough of the right things to trade for the things you do not have. 

In a dystopian future, there will still be trade and commerce, however, there will be a lack of fiat currency. The average person will need something to trade for the items they need. It will be highly likely that Gold & Silver will be accepted as currency, but the average person may have too many struggles now, to stockpile precious metals for tomorrow. We need to have access to tradeable commerce items for tomorrow that do not unnecessarily hinder our today. The wealth has to be transportable and universally acknowledged. 

.22 LR Ammo #3
The top three penny stock options I see that will be affordable now and have greater value in a dystopian future are:

#1) Strike Anywhere Matches. With no Walmarts or Costcos in the future, fire will once again become very, very important to anyone trying to survive in a Temperate Climate. If you know how to make matches, you could very well become a very wealthy and important person in your community!!

#2) Tealight Candles. All candles will become very valuable again once the power grid goes down and electricity is no longer easily available to every home in North America. Most folks do not care for the dark and want/need light to function after the Sun has set for the day. In the Winter, it is a long wait until the Sun rises over the horizon again to start a new day. I have chosen Tealights because right now it is quite affordable to buy them by the 100 pack. I prefer Tealights from Ikea because they use a superior wax that lasts 3 - 4 hours per Tealight. Many of the cheap Tealights coming from China only last 2.5 - 3 hours. In a dystopian future a premium will be paid for better candles. Dripless and long burn times will be requested and those who can supply will reap the rewards.

#3) .22 LR Ammunition. Probably, the most common ammunition in the Western World. Once the lights go out and the long rebuild of civilization begins, .22LR will be in high demand. Right now, even at $50 for a brick of 500 rounds, .22 is still a cheap investment. Squirreling away a few thousand rounds now could reward a person with a healthy return. 

These are my top three suggestions for stockpiling now to guard against a dystopian future. If I am wrong, well......these items do not really have an expiration date, you will always use matches, candles and .22 ammo. All these items are compact and transportable. They have universal value now and will likely still have value in the future. This should start the wheels turning and the ideas should multiply in your mind. I look forward to hearing what other have to say on this.

Until next time,
Plan for your future....no one else will!!


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5 November 2017

Remembrance Day Playlist - Tunes To Get You In The Mood

 Remembrance Day Playlist

With Remembrance Day, 11 November, just around the corner I felt it was a good time to post a playlist of songs/videos to get you in a remembering mood for those who have given everything to preserve your way of life. Freedom is not free. Those who chose to serve are paying for your freedom. We will remember them!

Pittance of Time by Terry Kelly

In Flanders Field by John McCrae
Recited by Leonard Cohen

Riding with Private Malone by David Ball

Letters From Home by John Michael Montgomery

I Wanna Be In The Calvary by Corb Lund

Traveling Soldier by The Dixie Chicks

I Want You To Live by George Canyon

Brothers by Dean Brody

If You're Reading This by Tim McGraw

Highway of Heroes by The Trews

Wrong Side of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch

Pass Me The Ammo by Moonshine Bandits

Remembrance Day by Bryan Adams

The Red & White by Julian Austin

I'm Already There by Lonestar

The Sound of Silence by Distrurbed

Soldier's Light by Rylee Preston

Airborne Ranger Infantry by Kristy Lee Cook

Soldiers Cry by Roland Majeau

For You by Keith Urban

Fallen Soldier by Nathan Fair

Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier! By Corb Lund

Ballad of the Green Berets by SSGT Barry Sadler

Blood on the Risers (Gory, Gory What a Helluva Way to Die)

The Price of a Mile By Sabaton

In Flanders Fields Sung By Farnham Youth Choir

The Last Post by Cpl Matthew Creek

Well, that should be a great start. Remember those who gave up their today so you can have a tomorrow.