14 August 2019

Dystopian Penny Stock Options For A Cashless Economy - Part Two

Fort William, Ontario - July 2012 (Photo by V.A. McMillan)

Toilet Paper - Popular Trading Item
Zippo Lighter Flints & Fuel
Time to revisit penny stock options for a dystopian cashless economy. Here is the link to part one: Part 1
As you may recall, in the first post the three items suggested were: Strike Anywhere Matches, Tealight Candles and .22 LR Ammo. Now, if you are looking to diversify your dystopian penny stock portfolio I will make a few more suggestions.

In our modern society few appreciate the simplicity and refreshing action of wiping one's butt with nice green leaves. This practice has become a social faux pas. So, in this spirit of staying socially correct, the first item I suggest this time around would be toilet paper. In a SHTF event, it will not take long before toilet paper rises to the top of the "wants" list for those who failed to prepare. Meaning, you will have a willing market for trade. I prefer and recommend toilet paper that is packaged in individually wrapped rolls. 2-ply 450 - 500 sheets per roll is a convenient sized roll. Now your initial investment will be more than when stocking up on matches but your ROI (return on investment) should also be much greater.

And fire made it good! Without fire, we have devolved to before the caveman. Stocking up on items to support the Zippo lighter could be a wise investment. Flints and lighter fluid top my list of items to hold a small supply of for trading. Right now flints for Zippo lighters are quite cheap, less than a dollar for each of those plastic containers in the picture above, which each will hold six (6) flints (although, I believe only 5 are included when you purchase them.)
Fishing Line (& Fish Hooks)
Safety Pins - Large 2" Size

If there is water in your region, then fishing supplies will make for popular trading items with those who failed to be prepared. Fishing line, fish hooks, sinkers and swivels would be good investments. Ten thousand yards of monofilament fishing line would cost less than a carton of cigarettes and would have a better ROI. 

Last item would be the safety pin. When purchased in bulk. these 2" safety pins are very affordable. I do not recommend stocking up by purchasing those small packages at the grocery store. Find a sewing supplier and buy them by the pound or by the hundred or thousand count. If there is a dystopian future waiting for us, not everyone will be practiced at mending their own clothes and gear and safety pins are well known for fixing tears and missing buttons, at least for a short while.

Until next time...think outside the box for the solutions that matter.


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