25 August 2011

My Flag & Avatar

You may have noticed my beautiful flag that I designed a few years back. That would be the rebel side of my personality shining through.

The design blossomed in my mind during the recent dark days in Canadian politics a few years back. An oppressive, Eastern based politic regime kept our country suppressed and hobbled; fiscally, militarily and politically. Personal freedoms were being erased and the voices on the average person were not being heard. From this I designed a flag that reflected the rebel spirit. I hope you like it, as much as I do.

Keep your powder dry,


From the Mountainman

Well, this is a new adventure. I hope to keep it interesting. Most definitely, it will be controversial. If you were looking for a politically correct Blog, this will not be the one for you to follow.

I spent more than a decade in a combat uniform defending the Rights & Freedoms of my country. Now I plan to exercise my freedom of expression, with no apologizes. This will contain raw, open, honest expression(s) on current events or topics that interest me. I do invite the followers of this Blog to put their two cents worth in, as well.

See you on the trail,