10 June 2017

New Forum at www.SATAS4.ME

This new website is a continued exercise in improvement. I am very pleased to announce that SATAS4.me has its own Forum.


This Forum will allow for the exchange of ideas and opinions. I am sure to the betterment of all mankind. 

So, to all my supporters please feel free to drop by and post on the Forum.

See you there,


3 June 2017

Rooftop Tents - Shop Local

Treeline Outdoors
 Very recently, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Luke from Treeline Outdoors (treelineoutdoors.ca ). Luke & company, among other things, design & sell rooftop tent units from their warehouse located in Turner Valley, Alberta. I was very pleased to learn a local business was in the rooftop tent business. Until this discovery, I was only aware of rooftop tents from South Africa, Australia, the USA & China. With 3/4's of these being very, very expensive and the other 1/4 being cheap. 

I am not going to hoodwink you and say the rooftop tents from Treeline Outdoors are cheap or inexpensive. By now, you know I call 'em, as I see 'em. No sugar coating from me. In this case, I say you get what you pay for. Rooftop tents are an investment. If you want your investment to last, you need to get educated, you need to research the options, you need to know what your requirements are (like: seasons, climate, region, # of people, duration, weather conditions & whether you are mounting this permanently or just temporarily), as well as, who is the competition & what do they offer??

Once your needs assessment is done, you have to evaluate which rooftop tent meets your needs (& your vehicle's capability). Then you have to find a dealer/retailer near you to make your purchase/investment. Price is part of this but, so is service after the sale and just the helpfulness & friendliness of the staff.
Looking Out!!!
Some of the design considerations to keep in mind, was the tent intended for the Serengeti or The Outback and if it was, will that same tent work well through all four seasons here in Canada?? Maybe?? Maybe not?? Was the rooftop unit designed to shed monsoon rains, will that work well for shedding snow?? If you live in Newfoundland or on the West Coast that design may be helpful...at least during the Summer.

Fabric weight & breath-ability....in hot climates you want air movement to stay cool. In cooler climates you want to trap warm air but vent humidity. Thicker, tighter fabrics work better around here if you want/need four season use out of your shelter. When Summer heats up, you want windows with screens/mesh to keep mosquitoes out & allow a cross-breeze to cool occupants. 

The other feature I would look for would be the shelter surround at the base of the rooftop unit. This one feature, almost doubles the available living space.....And, if you have to live for a prolonged period in your rooftop tent unit, you will certainly be happier with this little foresight. This basement shelter can be used a kitchen, livingroom or a spare bedroom (better with a folding cot). Best part this space is tall enough to stand.

Now, Luke was very helpful & willing to provide me with an education of rooftop tents, not just the models offered by Treeline Outdoors. I am not a total idiot, I have thousands of hours working with industrial fabrics in different applications, so I quickly recognized many of the main differences between  tent units as pointed out by Luke. Low price does not mean good value in this industry. Likewise, expensive does not guaranty a quality build. You have to know what quality looks like. You have to know quality materials, quality construction & quality assembly look like. If you don't know, the sales rep can lead you astray and take your money and you will thank them. Remember, some lessons in life are cheaper than college....

The technology that impressed me the most with Treeline's tents were the honeycomb aluminum floor boards. Super light! Super strong! Compared to the industry standard of sandwiching a foam core between two thin aluminum panels, the honeycomb design will not fail you when you need it most, in my humble opinion.

Overall rooftop tent weight is not too important, unless you want to mount one on the roof rack of your vehicle. Tents don't care about weight but roof racks sure do!! (To a point your vehicle's fuel economy will also care about excess weight.)  So, the honeycomb aluminum shaves off about 50 lbs compared to a similar sized rooftop tent unit from China. 50 lbs is an extra 5 gallon jerry can of water. So, light & strong is good!!

With a strong, light floor - this affords Treeline the luxury to use heavier, more durable tent body fabrics without penalty. Durable = Longer life. The stitching quality is a minimum of double stitched. High stress areas a bit more. YKK zippers are used because, they too are durable.

Next, let's discuss design features that work for Canadians. First, the metal structure inside the tent is fabric covered. This controls condensation when tenting in cool/cold conditions. Nothing wakes you quicker than ice cold condensation raining down on your face at zero dark thirty. Fortunately, for you Treeline has already solved this for you and you will miss this experience.

Interior & exterior lashing points. All Treeline rooftop tent units have a plethora of lashing points for LED lights, solar panels, Bluetooth speakers, gear lofts and pretty much anything else you need to hang up. 

Speaking of solar power.....Treeline works with Goal Zero (goalzero.com ) to provide solar power options for your next journey. Also, all tent units have cable ports to aid in getting power from your solar panel(s) to your power cells &/or devices.

Storage. These rooftop units have multiple storage areas inside the tent and under the overhang. As well as, you can store your sleeping bags, blankets & pillows in the tent when traveling to a new location. The rooftop tent advantage over ground tents.

Windows & skylights.  These units, from smallest to largest, have plenty of windows. All have zippered covers to control how much nature you share. My only concern are the clear vinyl windows & skylight panes. My discussion with Luke assured me they only use good vinyl, but even that will have a cold crack rating of -40 to -45. Most of you would not tent in those conditions, but it is something to be aware of. For me that would not be a deal breaker. More windows = more light. 

The basement shelter. I would not purchase a rooftop tent unit if it did not offer the lower enclosure. In our neck of the woods that added space is not a luxury, it is required. Between my years of camping, time in the army/search&rescue and our Cross-Canada Tour (which included 27+ nights in tents); I can say you will need this space - it is dry & protected from the wind. I learned that Treeline Outdoors provides better pricing when you package more options together at the start. So, buying your lower shelter after the fact will cost you more. Know what you need and plan for it.
Micro Wood Stove Design

Chimney Stack Support for Micro Wood Stove
My primary purpose for wanting a basement shelter is it will provide a wind free area to house a micro-wood stove to heat the whole area. 

If the stove is designed right it should also be able to heat your water & cook/warm up food. See my drawing for a possible idea of a micro-wood stove, complete with water jackets. I would also have a draft control unit built, to regulate the stove a bit. 

The other design idea, is to have a support stake/picket hammered into the ground to keep the chimney stack from dancing in the wind. The use of muffler/exhaust pipe should make easier to source in the event of replacing a component while on expedition.

So, if you are needing a rooftop tent and you are ready to invest in one, I highly recommend supporting a local Foothills business - Treeline Outdoors. Now, you do not have to take my word on any of this. Do your own research, including a visit to Treeline Outdoors in Turner Valley, Alberta. I suggest making an appointment with Luke or staff before dropping by, it will greatly improve catching them at the showroom! 

Thanks again, Luke for taking the time to show me Treeline's products and to educate me on the industry as a whole. You did this knowing I was not going to purchase on the day of my visit. I am confident in recommending your rooftop tents to friends & strangers. When my budget allows, I know where I will be going to my rooftop tent. (The Goal Zero Tamarack Constellation with basement with no floor in Olive Green and a micro-wood stove.)

Until next time......learn what businesses are in your area
And support them....which means buy stuff from them.


27 May 2017

Social Engineering, BRCC & a Little Chaos

Well, the new website has been launched (www.satas4.me) and is still taking a bit to get traction. In the mean time, I continue to search for informative sites and to network whenever I can. My most recent success was finding the Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC). 

Now, I have an appetite for caffeine but it is not satisfied by coffee. However, the Black Rifle Coffee Company is as strong on its second amendment rights as it is on its first amendment right. The blog at BRCC is not one to be skipped. 

Remember back a wee bit ago I went off on a bit of a tirade about social engineering?? Missed those posts....here are a few links so you can catch up on the back story (Social Engineering ), (Bracken's Take ), & (Who Hijacked Our Timeline ). Now, the last link is not directly about social engineering, but when you review the two posts from BRCC I am about to link, I think it is connected to the big picture.

Recently, we have been reminded that there are people on this planet who are quite comfortable to do very evil deeds to satisfy their needs. Some, are very close to the violence and they are surely covered in the blood of the innocent and others, are more like puppet masters, pulling the strings from a dark position of overwatch. These puppet masters are no less guilty of spilling innocent blood, but they do it from a position they see as untouchable. 

Violence, hate, uprisings, more hate and above all chaos. What the hell is happening here on planet Earth. Now, don't get me wrong I am not so naive as to think we are a peaceful race. We, the human race, have always been connected to physical combat; that is how we have survived so long on this planet. I would not be surprised to learn if other intergalactic species came here to harvest our warriors to fight their wars. This is not about nurture, this is pure nature. The human race is filled with tough, non-compromising, survivors & warriors. People with morals, honour, respect and compassion. But, there is also the slime of humanity; a collection of back-stabbing, cut throat, undermining bastards who will do anything to make a buck.......no matter, what the cost, so long as they come out ahead. (Karma is a bitch, and in this lifetime or the next the scales of justice will be balanced.) We live in interesting times and they do not seem to be getting any less interesting anytime soon. It would seem we are at a turning point in human existence, in one direction we can continue to allow our future to be dictated by a greedy minority, and yet in the other direction there is hope and a future where technology is used for exploration & discovery on Earth and into the stars.

Only one little problem......that greedy minority are working double overtime to ensure you are enslaved and exploited. All your efforts are  consumed by their greed, they ensure you cannot get ahead, you cannot get out from under your debt load, you will be control by credit and appeased by the latest electronic gadget. Feeling respected and appreciated?? I didn't think so. Me, either.

Now, to bring the light of truth to the darkest scum on this planet I would like to share a couple of links with you from the Black Rifle Coffee Company's blog: Part One (The Hatching of a Serpent ) and Part Two (The Serpent in the Grass ). Now, I will sit here and drink my favourite caffeine beverage as you go & read those two articles........

Welcome back. Sorry, I should have warned you about that. Nah, then you wouldn't have gone to read those eye-opening posts. What a scum-sucking piece of snake shit that guy is. Serpent is such an accurate descriptor. Only a cold blooded reptile could sink to such depths of cruelty and inhumanity to his neighbours. And that was when he was just 14 years of age. Now, almost a million years later he continues to enjoy long life and delivering misery to a larger world. Makes you sick. Makes me sick. How can there be justice in this world if a sick bastard like that can make billions of dollars each year and then invest (and get tax credits for) is spreading more misery. As you read in the BRCC articles his new weapons of mass misery are called chaos and are employed through his NGO's, no less. 

When I sit back and take a moment to look at the big picture it all makes perfect sense. When you want to rule the whole world, you do not want or need lots of friends. In fact, the less to share with is goal of your end game. This is a very sick, deviant person. Shallow. Selfish. Callous. Narcissistic. But, chaos is the perfect weapon. Between mindless/soulless media corporations, puppet governments, the IMF, the UN and a mass population that will believe anything that comes across an iPhone, iPad or TV; if you control the message, you control the masses. 

The accomplices even live here in Canuckland. In fact, I will wager our very own prime minister is in league with this serpent. What could be more chaotic than a mandate based on the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana?? How the hell is that even a federal mandate issue?? Legalized medicinal marijuana I am all for that. There are many medical uses for marijuana that are legit. That stinky herb prevents a lot of suffering, especially for those who have suffered long & hard with illnesses that should not even be around. But, corporate greed and big drug companies profit margins prevent actual medicines from getting to market, especially if what works is cheap and readily available. But, I am getting sidetracked. 

Chaos. Even in Canada. So, what other chaotic episodes have we endured......we like much of the Western world have been strong armed into allowing unvetted "refugees" into our country by the thousands. I have a problem when security is short-cut to make a naive prime minister look good in selfies to the media or social media. I, personally know folks who have been kicked out of Canada because their work visa ran out before their immigration process completed, and were not granted extensions on their work visa. These were not welfare drains on our society but hard working, skilled folks who were paying taxes, connected and contributing  members of the community. I have another friend who is anxiously awaiting the love of his life to be allowed to immigrate to Canada. These are good people who are going through the proper channels and government red tape. Not queue jumpers. 

In what democracy, does the enforcement branch get to create the laws it enforces?? Nowhere. When the police get to decide what laws are to be enforced and they get to enforce them, we are then in a police state. Martial law has not been declared, yet, the RCMP HQ continues to "re-interpret" how memo's are to be enforced. This creates a hostile work environment for the front line staff. It also creates a barrier between the people and the law enforcement community. The lost trust is very disheartening. Canada, where not too long ago the RCMP were a proud symbol of Canada, of peace, of justice. What evil social engineering has taken that from us. This is chaos. This is social engineering. Taking that which you do not want to give.

People, it is time to wake up. 
Shake those cobwebs from your sleepy heads.
It is time to take back our world.
The time is now, to remove the evil, greedy few. 
The few who rob all of us.

Stay frosty out there,


Rebel Canadian!!

7 May 2017

SATAS Co Emergency Preparedness Week & YouTube

Evenin' All,

Well SATAS Co is slowly getting its legs under it. Their YouTube Channel just opened today. Here is the first video:

Today is 07 May 2017, and the start to the National Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada. This year flooding seems to be the disaster of the season. Having experienced that a few years back, I hope all these folks are working together and battling the floods and comforting each other. Take care of each other.

Emergency Preparedness Week is a great time for seasoned preparedness members to review family emergency plans, update contact sheets, make backup of critical data (on USB drives, DVD or external hard drives), rotate water stores, switch from Winter gear to Summer gear (in BOB's, BOV's or GO Bags), and run a few drills.

For those new to emergency preparedness, fear not!! This is not an all or nothing game, and any retailer who says otherwise is just trying to bleed you of your hard earned money, to line their own pockets. Preparedness is first and foremost a mental exercise. Training the mind and the gear and gadgets can come later. Invest in yourself, take courses & read books - lots of them!! Once you fill your most valuable survival tool - your mind; you can improvise for anything. With knowledge, gear becomes tools, tools that make improvising easier and faster. Gear without knowledge is just souvenirs for search & rescue parties.

Obtaining knowledge does not always mean shelling heaps of cash. Many organizations need volunteers, volunteers who are eager to learn and willing to invest their time for a cause. Some great sources to consider: Scouts Canada - they always need leaders, search & rescue units in many locations use a majority of volunteers to staff positions, Junior Forest Wardens - like Scouts they need leaders, and then there are 4H Clubs , HAM radio clubs, Citizens on Patrol & any number of service clubs. From any and all of these outstanding organizations you will gain skills, you just have to commit some of your valuable time.

Now, if you just want to invest hard currency for knowledge......have you heard of a new company called: SATAS Co?? I am very familiar with this company. With a strong focus on situational awareness and emergency preparedness, this is a great place to start. www.SATAS4.ME will take right to their website.

Be safe out there folks!

Until next time,
Learn a new skill or refresh old ones!!


2 May 2017

SATAS Co & SATAS4.ME Has Arrived!!!!

One step closer. SATAS Co is now a reality. The website is also operational, albeit still getting tweaked and fine tuned. The link to the website is here: SATAS4.ME 

Please drop by for a visit of the new site. If you notice I have missed any corrections please use the contact form on the website and leave me a message of what still needs to be tuned up. I am quite happy to make the website better, but sometimes I have been working on it so much I miss even the obvious stuff. 

I have not figured out discounts or coupons, yet. I am still quite new to this website building stuff, but for all my followers on here, if you mention that this is the site that you learned of the existence of SATAS4.ME , I will ensure you get treated well if you need any courses or services offered at SATAS Co. I will start posting coupon codes here for savings over there. (Once I figure out how to make that happen.) 

One last point, if you have a group of friends/family that want to take any of the courses offered by SATAS Co or if there are any courses you would like me to instruct to your group, please contact me using the contact page on the website.

Thank you for your support!!

NB: Yes, I borrowed the text from my other Blog, The GOOD Plan Blog. 

5 March 2017

In The Year 3131 (3131 BC That Is).....A Tale of a Northern Town Skara Brae

Skara Brae & Bay o'Skaill 

5000 Years and Counting

Welcome to Skara Brae, an advanced Neolithic village that was buried in the sands of time. Until the Winter of 1850, when a massive storm blew in and hit the Orkneys hard.(1).  The result was so much sand had been washed into the sea that the stone structures of Skara Brae had been partially reveled. This intrigued local Laird William WATT of Skaill, who began the first excavation of Skara Brae. Work ending around 1868 with four partial excavated structures.(2). 

Since then, Orkney has become the centre of archaeological & anthropological exploration & discovery. Most recently, The Ness of Brodgar has caused extreme excitement in the scientific community. This is a complete walled community, located between The Ring of Brodgar and the Stones of Stenness, consisting of many buildings – large and small. Only about four of the structures are currently being excavated by a small army of scientists. The quality of artifacts recovered is enough to fill a large museum. The quality of these artifacts is second to none.

This is all fine & good, but really, why should I continue reading......why or how does this concern me???

After watching a recent documentary on YouTube, I feel compelled to share a different hypothesis on what may have been happening on Orkney & most specifically what Skara Brae may have been. My hypothesis will be of interest to many who are currently involved in the emergency preparedness community. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys-JGCPvD1E]

So, send it man! Tell us your theory. We want to know what a mountainman has to say.....

Around 3000 BC, a mere 5000 years ago life on our planet is thriving. China, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Maya are advancing their cultures, technology and power. Yes, there are peoples elsewhere but most are just surviving the struggles of life. While these areas are thriving not much mention is made of what is happening in Europe, specifically, Northern Europe.......

In my opinion, when written language is not used & it is up to oral history to preserve the past; we are at risk of losing all knowledge of a place, its people, their discoveries and achievements. In cultures which use oral traditions, important accomplishments become songs, heroic feats become sagas....but as time passes & generations are born & die, saga becomes myth......myth becomes legend.....and through the sands of time legends are often lost.

So, while Asia, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Maya are experiencing advancement , Europe is a back water. The lands of the Druids & Picts.....a little further back. As for Orkney, how far from civilization can you get?? But, was there really nothing going on?? Was civilization really that far away??

As a child I had heard those stories about the lost continent of Atlantis. A great, advanced society with technology greater than what we have now in 2017 ad. However, a power struggle occurred and resulted in the whole continent being lost below the waves of the sea. Lost to time.

So, if you lived in such an advanced culture, you would have been aware of rising tensions between rival powers. With technology and probably weapons so advanced, the danger of a major crisis would not be a stretch of imagination. Those who had the wealth, power & knowledge would have taken precautions to insure the survival of themselves & those they cared for. Much like today's wealthy buying islands, estates & super bunkers, to survive a global meltdown. Whether the meltdown is a currency collapse, WW III , a nuclear accident, pandemic, EMP/CME or anything else that causes a grid down scenario in the modern world. The world's wealthiest people use their wealth to purchase boats, aircraft, vehicles, compounds, bunkers, power plants, solar farms, water plants, food reserves, armouries and armies to protect them. Too bad they do not use their wealth to invest in education & building communities; communities that solve problems not create them.

Ok, Mountainman, but how does this relate to a stone-age village on Orkney??

So, my hypothesis is......these stone communities on Orkney are the remains of the last holdouts for the survivors of an advance civilization, like the fabled Atlantis. Although, popular culture is convinced that Atlantis once existed South & East of Florida, in the neighbourhood of the Bermuda Triangle.....I have heard of another tale that suggests that Atlantis may have existed North & West of the islands that now comprise the United Kingdom.

I have no proof of either location for Atlantis, but, I would like to explore Skara Brae from a shelter perspective and then reverse engineer the “WHY”.

Skara Brae......home of ten buildings (http://www.orkneyjar.com/history/skarabrae/skaraplan.htm), stone buildings that are built so well they have survived at least 5000 years. These homes have bed chambers/boxes....like a bunker would have bunk beds. Meaning, the sleeping areas were purpose built into the structure, not a furniture piece that could be relocated as needed or desired. The next feature is the central fire pit for heating, cooking and boiling water. Surviving in cold climates central heat is a survival feature that minimizes waste, especially when fuel is in short supply. The next notable feature were the indoor water tanks. Did these tanks hold food?? Water in the Winter?? Whisky or wine?? The final use is not as important as the function of indoor water storage. People that understood the importance of water storage & had the skills, knowledge, experience to achieve it with the materials at hand. Whether their need was fresh seafood or water that would not freeze in the Winter, the fact is they had a waterproof, stone vessel 5000 years ago!! Could a person today achieve this in a survival shelter?? I have my doubts.

The features do not end there, no Skara Brae has more to teach us. These stone shelters had flushing toilets, sub-floor drainage and a drainage system that linked all the buildings in Skara Brae.....running under the common alleyways......draining away from the village. Flushing toilets systems would not become common in the UK until the end of the 19th Century and beginning of the 20th Century. So, here we have an operational wet toilet almost 5000 years ahead of its time.

Now, the big ones.....these homes are ALL built subterranean. Let me sat that again. ALL the homes were built below ground!!! Not built into a bank with a South facing windows, but totally underground. Why?? Next, all of the homes were connected with a network of alleyways. Beneath the alley flagstones waste water flowed out of town. Above the alley were more stones creating a roof, covered with earth and sod on the outside. Meaning this whole village was below ground. Common tunnels/alleyways connected all the homes. The alley system has limited access points and minimal dimensions. Meaning it would be easier to defend and much more difficult to attack. The limited access points means fewer people would be tasked with watching them, thus freeing up resources for food gathering or farming. The minimal dimensions would require attackers to remove their armour to move through the alleyways. So, if an attacker did manage to breach the village, without armour they would be easier to defeat when trying to enter a home.

A whole village that was built underground would be very difficult to locate without satellites or ground penetrating radar, neither were available 5000 years ago. Had not the sea washed away the sand, we might not know Skara Brae existed, even today. Leading to the logical question; how many other villages are buried on planet Earth?? What are we wasting the resources of our satellites with right now?? Spying on our enemies?? Why are we not seeking our planet for our ancestor's and their wisdom??

One last point on Skara Brae, the current bay – Bay o'Skaill, was once a meadow leading to the sea that was about a kilometre away from Skara Brae in 3131 BC. This meadow may have been fertile, meaning it was covered in grasses or possibly crops planted by those folks at Skara Brae. Grasses would have made it possible to keep livestock on this range/pasture – sheep, goats or cattle. Seafood from the sea and livestock from the land......survival on this remote locale would have been more than just possible, it would have been very likely.

We have lost so much about these people, some have suggested that items that have been recovered may suggest at the very least a trading network that extended as far away as the Middle-East. I may even speculate these people may have even had shipping routes to the end of the Mediterranean. Bold to say without proof of even a know vessel. However, any people who can build a house that lasts 5000 years, more than likely had the skills & knowledge to build seaworthy vessels. Like the Norse people who would arrive later, when boats became too old to sail or wrecked in storms, the timber would have been salvaged and re-purposed into beams for buildings, structures or furniture.....at the very least the wood would have been cut up to be burnt in the central hearths to heat and cook with.

Just from the surviving ruins of Skara Brae we can conclude these people were skilled builders, they had knowledge about their world that exceeds our knowledge of them from today. So, if you can build a house that lasts 5000 years, what else do you know?? Were these the last of a dying people who survived a great conflict or were these a people on the way up?? Rising from the ashes of dead world??

From a military stand point why would you live below ground??
  • Easy to hide, hard to find
  • Low noise signature
  • Low light signature
  • Easier to heat/thermal efficiency
  • Easier to defend by limiting entrances & reducing the size of the passageways
  • Increased survivability from artillery
  • Protection from solar flares, CME's, X-Rays, EMP

From a survival point of view why would you live below ground??
  • More thermal efficient
  • Hard to find, thus less likely to have to defend from aggressors
  • More protection from extreme weather
  • Tornado proof
  • Fire proof
  • Predator resistant/proof
  • Radiation resistant/proof

From a political stand point why would you live below ground??
  • Explore ideas not currently politically acceptable or legal (The Earth is not flat)
  • Out of sight, out of mind – relatively safe & secure
  • Be free of oppression or oppressive laws, rules or taxes

From a religious point of view why would you live underground??
  • Freedom to practice spiritual/religious rituals that have been outlawed
  • Place to protect oral history, train new oracles, pass on knowledge
  • Quiet. Secure. Safe. Meditation, prayer, contemplation.
  • Control the flow of knowledge – limit who can enter or depart
  • Prevent disease. Remote, small population less likely to be exposed to or exchange disease/illness.

With no clear proof of what life was like in 3131 BC it is very hard to know why a subterranean village on Orkney would be needed or what they needed to be sheltered from. What we do know is that the people of Skara Brae were skilled builders and had a superior knowledge and understanding of living & surviving in their environment.

So, to wrap this up it is easy to state that anything built today would be highly unlikely to survive for 5000 years. However, there are many lessons we can learn from those who lived here on planet Earth back then. It would be wise if we spent more time, money & energy seeking previous settlements on our planet to study, than to waste money, time & resources/energy engaging in killing each other. Live & let live.

Time for Citizens of planet Earth to mature & grow up!! Time to advance up the evolutionary ladder. Time to shed our Type Zero past and become the Type One Civilization we are destined to become. Great things are waiting for us as a whole people if we can just move forward. Move beyond the trivial systems of money, power and greed. If we can just work together......we could be doing much more, exploring, discovering and solving. We would be rich in knowledge. It is time to awaken the people of Earth!!

Until next time....Challenge the status quo!!

The Sea Continues to Advance

A Look Inside


(1)  (https://www.historicenvironment.scot/visit-a-place/places/skara-brae/)
(2) (http://www.orkneyjar.com/history/skarabrae/)

28 February 2017

S A T A S - Is On The Way

S A T A S Logo
This is just a quick tease, but expect to see these logos a lot more often. I am working on a project that will be sure to please many who visit my Blog, as well as, many folks I have not yet met. 

I cannot say anymore at this time. I will post regular updates, as progress is made. 

Keep a lookout for S A T A S.

Time to make lemonade,


NB - These are my copyrighted logos. They cannot be used without permission from me.
S A F E Logo