9 January 2020

The Fairy Glen - Mystical Isle of Skye (Repost from Steemit)

This is part two of two; of the reposted series from my Steemit site. Here is the link to part one: So Many Castles, So Little Time - Castles in Scotland 2017

The Isle of Skye, Scotland is home to many interesting and dramatic sights/sites. Whether, castles, waterfalls, mountains, beaches or Glens. You could spend a very long time on this little island and still not see everything. The Fairy Glen is quite famous. So, we wanted to see it for ourselves.

Having misplaced our Lonely Planet guidebook, we had to use the old fashion method of finding what you seek....ask a local. The friendly staff at The Skye Museum of Island Life were able to give very good directions. We needed to return to Uig and just beyond the Uig Hotel was a road for Balnaknock. About 2 miles down that road would put us very close.

A short walk from where we parked the rental car we saw the loch beside the road and saw the path on the far side. A short hike up (to the right of the butte) and you are at The Fairy Glen. As one photographer in the area told us, the whole area is part of The Fair Glen, but the more photographed area was behind the butte.

As you crest the rise into The Fairy Glen you immediately notice the plethora of small stone cairns, built by visitors to the glen.

Sorry, for the spots on my lens, but it was raining while we were visiting The Fairy Glen. This is a very magical kind of place. I am not sure is Wicca is still practiced, but it would not take much imagination to see a place like The Fairy Glen being chosen as place to honour Mother Earth.

I am not sure of the history of this place, but I can say it is very ancient. Stone walls abound, but they are so old that the ground has grown back over these man-made structures. Once I returned home I used Google Map - satellite mode, to look around The Fairy Glen, there are many foundations, walls and old crofts in the area. But, these structures are much easier to recognize from the air than from the ground. To experience mystical things you must travel to mystical places. Enjoy your journey.

I hope you enjoyed some new material and new photos. Please, if you copy and share these images just add a link back here to Mountainman's Mantra; so, folks can visit the originals for themselves. I am all for sharing pictures; lets just recognise the original source.

Until next next...see the world for yourself.
And, bring home photos and memories!


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