12 June 2019

Mount Robson & Neighbourhood (1996) - Part One

Mount Robson from Berg Lake Trail 1996 - Photo By V.A. McMillan

Mt Robson from Berg Lake Trail July 1996 - VAM
 July 1996 was my first hike along the Berg Lake Trail, the most popular trail system of the Canadian Rockies, or so I am told. I had also heard that Mount Robson is a very difficult mountain to photograph without having the peak stuck in a cloud. I therefore find myself to be very fortunate to have enjoyed seeing the exposed peak for 6 of 7 days during this first journey. 

Basecamp was established near the warming hut at the far end of Berg Lake. Established tent sites were being constructed at other sites along the Berg Lake Trail, however, the Berg Lake Campground had not yet been so constructed. I found a favourable site on the far side of Toboggan Creek, while others in my party pitched their tents closer to the warming hut.

I found the variety of trails that radiate from the warming hut to be exceptional. From easy strolls across Robson Pass to Adolphus Lake in Jasper National Park, to strenuous hikes like Snowbird Pass (around 20 KM's return)  or up Toboggan Creek to The Cave. Or the moderate Hargreaves Glacier - Mumm Basin Loop (around 15 KM's for the loop).
Mount Robson from Snowbird Pass Trail July 1996 - Photo by V.A. McMillan

Mt Robson & Berg Lake from Hike to Mumm Peak
Left to Right. Mt Anne-Alice, Steamboat Ridge & Mumm Peak - July 1996 Photo by V.A. McMillan
One thing is certain, there are no bad views around here. In every direction there is something to see and capture on film. Mount Robson has so many good sides and poses so well. My only complaint was not knowing how many rolls of film to bring. Which, I did not bring enough. 

My personal greatest achievement was reaching the summit of Mumm Peak (9718') and being able to capture the photo of Mount Robson (last photo on this post.)

I will endeavour to add at least two more parts to this series on Mount Robson over the summer.

Until next time.....Take a Hike!!!


Mount Robson from Summit of Mumm Peak - July 1996. Photo by V.A. McMillan

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