6 January 2019

SATAS Co Website - New Link

Life changes, life stays the same. I have had to change where the SATAS Co website will be. Still on WIX.com, but now it is on the free hosting platform, so, the address has changed. Please, use the following link:

I am heading back to school to get a degree, a Bachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies. So, the SATAS Co website will be on a free platform until school is done. I will be available to do consulting on a compressed availability for anyone seeking my services. I will consider putting on SATAS Co courses if there is sufficient demand, however, I will try to encourage courses be done during the Summer months when my school course load will be reduced.  

SATAS Co inquiries can be directed to the following email:


I will endeavour to post more on my Blog in the coming days.


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