8 September 2018

Attention Emergency Preparedness Community- Meet Up at Briden Solutions 15 Sep 2018

Poster for Open House at Briden Solutions
Folks, sorry for the short notice. I have had some technical issues here, which will hopefully be corrected today.

More importantly, we need you to RSVP to Briden Solutions to let them know you will be attending their open house on the 15th of September, 2018 from 1000 - 1400. (See poster to the left for more details.)

Dwight Briden and his company has been supporting the emergency preparedness community for many years, as both a business and as a place to gather more knowledge. If you need a local source for long term storage food items that have up to a 25 year shelf life, Briden Solutions is the place for you. If you need water storage solutions or filtration options, they have those as well. Visit their website (https://www.bridensolutions.ca/ ) to learn more about what you can get locally. 

An open house event like this is also a great place to meet other like-minded persons who share an understanding about the need for being prepared. When the emergency preparedness community gets together a lot can be achieved - from learning new skills to meeting new friends.

So, I hope to see you there!

Until next time.....support local business
& your emergency preparedness community!!


PS - Copies of my book, The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge, will be available at this event. Autographs, too. Limited number of copies will be on hand.

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