7 April 2018

Quick Pouch for EMT Shears

EMT Shear Pouch

 Found time to sew up a batch of pouches for the new EMT Shears. This order was not lost in the mail, unlike the first order. Used Amazon.ca and to cover my bets I ordered from two sources. Not complaining, you really cannot have too many pairs of EMT Shears. 

Every good field first aid kit needs a pair of EMT Shears. To keep those cutters close, you also need a pouch. These are only basic pouches but the hook & loop fastener allows multiple mounting options on gear or belts. 

I built all four pouches in about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I was not keeping track of the time. They did not take long. I had misplaced my old design page so I had to design and take notes on the first one, so that slowed me down a bit. 

Minimal materials were required. Plans are here to help those who need a pouch for their EMT Shears. Just remember to tell everyone where you got the plans from. 

Bits & Pieces, Early On
Here are a couple, in progress pics to show that I really do make these items. 

Until next time,
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First Pouch Complete

A Herd of EMT Shears in Pouches

First Aid Gear Found on Amazon

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