1 January 2018

Tactical Shotgun Vest - Designed & Prototyped by SATAS Co - Part One

Tactical Shotgun Vest Designed & Prototyped by SATAS Co
Tactical Shotgun Vest - Prototype by SATAS Co
First post of the New Year. Welcome 2018.

Spent better part of three days designing and building this prototype Tactical Shotgun Vest. Unlike, other vests out there this is a mission specific shotgunner vest. Shotgun loops will hold 27 rounds and below them is a pocket that will hold a standard 25 round box of 2 3/4" 12 gauge or multiple 5 round boxes of slugs or buckshot. 

To aid in signaling there are two signal smoke grenade pouches beside the 25 round pocket.

The opposite side of the vest are pouches for a first aid/IFAK kit, pockets for a folding knife (Gerber Paraframe) and a multi-tool (Fuller 15-in-1) and a small pouch for more slugs or cleaning kit. This prototype is still a work in progress, I will add more photos and the design pages later.

Until next time......if you can't find it, make it!


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