24 December 2017

Old World Effectiveness - Single Candle Holders

Single Candle Holder in Glass Vase
Well touring Scotland in 2017 we happened upon a small roadside cafe and gift shop, (Goodbrand & Ross Tearoom on the A939. www.goodbrandandross.co.uk.) In this shop we purchased three single candle holders. The shop was on the way back from visiting Corgarff Castle.

The simplicity of this design appealed to our taste. I, also thought of local craftsmen/women in our part of the world who could understand this design and craft their own version for local markets.

The single candle holders cost us 2.50 GBP (Great Britain Pounds) and once home we purchased the glassware for $3.00 each and the candles were $1.25 for five candles. So, to have one operational unit would cost about $10. A fair price for light on a Winter's eve.

I will include a few photos and close ups for those who work metal. 

Merry Christmas All!!


Sideview of Candle Holder

Detailed Sideview of the Three

Dollar Store Candles $1.25

Should Be Sheltered Once The Flame is Below The Rim

Three in a Row 

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