1 October 2017

First Aid Wrap - 3M Coban

3M Coban First Aid Wrap in Assorted Colours
First let me start by saying getting older, SUCKS! At least, when it comes to recovering from minor injuries.

So, the other day I took a flying leap off a loading dock (please don't ask why) and did not land like I use to. In fact, landing wrong would be appropriate to say. Right foot - good landing!! Left foot - you suck. Poor landing, too much weight on the heel and not enough on the toes. Enough about the mechanism of injury. How do we deal with it??

3M Coban First Aid Wrap
Lucky for me, once I got home I remembered we had some 3M Coban first aid wrap in the house. Now, I really, really like this stuff. Before, it was just, I like this stuff. 

Whether, you are wrapping a finger splint in place or wrapping an ankle or wrist, this 3M Coban first aid wrap, rocks! No sticky residue like sports tape. No lost keepers or safety pins like a tensor bandage. 3M Coban first aid wrap sticks to itself and does not stick to the skin. In fact, it sticks so well I had to cut the wrap off because it would not release from the layers below. That is a good thing.
3M Coban First Aid Wrap in Action
Back to my sore foot for a second.....although, it was the bottom of my heel that took the major impact force, the whole ankle, arch and lower leg were feeling the discomfort. Sorry, coach could not walk this off like in the old days. However, once I had a small handful of Ibuprofen, a little time with a cold pack and then wrapped the offended area, I could walk again. I did start wearing my flip-flops to add a bit of a cushion below my heel, but the support to the whole foot once wrapped was amazing.

I know what you are thinking, what a candy ass, just suck it up buttercup! And that is my point, some days time off for rest and recovery are NOT an option. Some days, the mission comes first - whether it is the mission of life and paying the mortgage or more important missions, for those who work in places they can't chat about. For these inconvenient injuries that suck, having some high quality first aid wrap in the first aid kit is going to make the difference between getting home and accomplishing the mission.

So, where can you get you very own supply of this amazing 3M Coban first aid wrap?? Well, I got mine from www.staples.ca . I just checked and we paid about $20 for 12 rolls in assorted colours. Not bad price and a great product.

Until next time.....take care of yourself!!