30 July 2017

Gear Up 3 - Field Cover for Rite in the Rain 4 x 6 Notebook

Open View

Half-Open View
 It was time to make another field ready piece of gear. Please, allow me to introduce the new Field Cover for the Rite in the Rain 4"x6" Notebook (Item# 946 or 946T) (NSN 7530-01-498-2078 or NSN 7530-01-505-3660). I was able to design and make this proto-type in less than 3 hours from start to photos. 

Fabric requirements were minimal. They will all come from the same 13"x9" piece. The main body was 13" tall x 5" wide at the top, where as the bottom 6" is 9" wide. The scrap from the top left becomes the 4"x4" pen-holder and the 5"x2.5" Top insert to hold the top of the notebook. The bottom 5"x3" insert was made from clear plastic. 

I used a fair amount of 2" loop fabric to aid in attaching morale patches. 2x 4", 1x 5" and a 2" piece of 2" loop. I also incorporated a webbing strap with a 1" snaphook to make attaching the field cover to your vest, pack or drag-bag that much easier. 

Construction was straight forward. 1) Measure and chalk the fabric. Cut out the pieces. (I did not make a pattern for this project.)

2) Sew loop pieces onto the main panel of fabric.

3) Sew seam tape onto top, bottom and pen-holder pieces. Then, attach those pieces in the proper locations.

4) Attach the 1"x3" piece of hook to the outside. Hook side facing up.

5) Starting with the lower (loop side) of the 1" webbing, attach to the centre bottom of the back panel. Build the top 1" webbing (hook side) by first folding the webbing, inserting the 1" snaphook and sewing a straight stitch across to hold the snaphook in place for sewing onto the field cover. Overlap the hook tape over the loop tape and sew through the seam below the snaphook. If desired, extra seams can be added below the snaphook.

6) Finish the field cover by sewing 3/4" seam tape around the perimeter of the project. Remember to take your time on the corners. Turn over and ensure the seam tape is not missing any stitches on the other side. If it is, just double up on those areas.

That's it, your done. 

Now, get out in the field and take some notes!!

Until next time....if you can't find it, Make it!!


Front View - Closed

Rear View - Closed

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