29 September 2016

Hermitage Castle, Liddesdale, The Borders, Scotland

Hermitage Castle, our second castle visited during our Scotland Adventure. Okay, we did visit more than just Scotland on this adventure......Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland. Sorry, Wales.....we will try to visit next time.

Our day trip on this day was average by Canadian standards, start in Peebles travel South on minor highways, visit Hermitage Castle - take lots of photos, continue across the border into England, visit Hadrian's Wall, walk on the wall - a little dance in memory of our Caledonian ancestors and their love of the Romans and then return to Edinburgh for the Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle. Afterwards, return to where we parked the rental car & drive back to Peebles. Just a day trip. 

It was a lot of fun driving in Scotland again.....if I keep telling myself this, I may even believe it. It was, however, necessary.
Hermitage Castle, A Hint......
As our adventure in Scotland was not going to follow the trainlines, tramlines or buslines, we needed to be able to visit locations off the beaten path.

Hermitage Castle, is not along a major route.....if you do not come looking for this majestic, stone sentinel you will not accidently bump into it. As you will see, a visit here is well worth the effort to find this hidden gem.

Currently, Hermitage Castle is managed by Historic Scotland. They do a very good job of preserving the past and letting you experience what it must have been like to reside here.   
Hermitage Castle, The Approach

Hermitage Castle, Worth Exploring

Hermitage Castle, Solid & Stoic
Access to many areas of the castle are possible, while still respecting this stone history piece. So long as visitor do respect this beautiful building, I expect this access will continue to be extended to future visitors.  So, if you do visit - remember to respect the history and those who will visit after you. 
Hermitage Castle, Strong Silent Type

Hermitage Castle, Strong & Defiant
As a castle photo-snob, I really enjoyed my visit here. Only, one other photographer to work around. Our family had almost a private visit. It was a good day.

The main access to the castle follow well kept grass walkways. The rough grass borders keep most foot-traffic on the cut grass paths. 

I continued to use my technique of circling the castle taking photos every so many paces to try to capture just the right image.

I found Hermitage Castle a worthy photo subject. This castle is bold and contrasts strikingly against the rolling hills surrounding it.

I am more an artist with a camera than a history purist. I did not and do not know the whole history of this castle. I am not really concerned with who owned the castle, but I am grateful that this ruin is in such great condition. Compared to say Urquhart Castle or Sinclair-Girncoe  Castle, Hermitage is in a condition that many museums wish they could restore a castle to. Yes, the roof is missing and same with windows and wooden structures inside, but the stonework that survives....it speaks volumes.
Hermitage Castle, an Artistic Shot
Yes, I did get to test out the different features of the camera on this visit. Depth of field was certainly fun to experiment with.

Although, Hermitage Castle is in a location I do not have family connections with, I would return to do another photo-shoot in the future. 

I sure hope you enjoy these photos. We had a great visit and we will have these pictures and our memories of this great day trip.

Until next time.......Get out and stay out!!! Explore something, near or far, go explore!!!

The Local Terrain, The Borders, Scotland

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