20 March 2016

Cubist Escape Sling Pack - Part Three

Solar Panel Pouch for Inside Cubist Escape

The Start
Installment #3 - The build continues. Today we have added an inside pouch to hold the Goal Zero Nomad 7 solar panel.

When the Cubist Escape was designed and built, I foresaw the need to be adaptable, thus the MOLLE style webbing on the exterior and the Velcro loop on the interior. The first major option for the interior was a place to safely store/carry the solar panel.

This pouch/pocket is very simple....nothing fancy here. Fold over the edges and top stitch. Side seams - goodside-to-goodside, sew and finish with seam tape. Re-vert to goodsides on the outside. Sew on the Velcro hook on the back.

I did put a Vecro loop patch on the front and added a short webbing with Velcro hook to keep the solar panel in the pouch.

Lastly, was fitting the pouch to the Velcro loop inside the Cubist Escape. Viola, finished.

Note to self, future inner pockets and pouches want to be 9" wide, not wider.

This pouch is very light and still very functional.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Until next time.....keep working on past projects!!

Fits Well

Velcro Hook on the Back

Inside the Cubist Escape

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