24 March 2016

Cubist Escape Sling Pack - Part Five

The Plans
Installment #5, designing & building gear tacos to hold beverage bottles. I guess we will call these, Beverage Taco's.

I have come to enjoy building anything that uses a taco design. What's not to like, They are big long strips, that lace together after everything is sewn in place. No tight corners, no curved radi, no cursing.

I tried to keep weight down on these tacos, so I have used 3/4" webbing on the front & bottom, while reserving 1" webbing for the back where the taco has to mesh with the MOLLE style webbing on the pack. I, also opted to use MOLLE straps that were sewn to the taco.

These tacos were built from Cordura cloth that is heavy-duty. I also made the choice early on to just cut a 6" wide

 fabric piece to fold in half, instead of cutting two 3" wide pieces & then sewwing them together. In the end, the fold & sew method seems to be easier and faster, with less chance of piece shifting out of place.

I spaced the webbing strips starting on the back. Centred the bottom strip and spaced the front strip accordingly.

I used a 3/4" web strap with another 3/4' webbing to make the water bottle holder. The top piece was 5" long, sewn 2.5" from the end. 
Although, I used 13" long straps;
Centre Seams
next time I will use 15" long straps to add options when mounting the tacos to the pack or gear vest.

The short strips were sewn to the taco along the centre seam first. Then the rest of the taco was built and finished with seam tape. Lastly, the ends of the short strips were folded under & sewn, ensuring to leave enough loop on the ends for the cord or para-cord.
Close-up Folding for  Webbing Tail

Almost Done
 The MOLLE anchor straps were the very last items attached to the tacos. After a trial fit on the pack, the location of the snap studs were chalked, punched and then snap studs were fitted.

These gear tacos seem to work well. I will add more photos.

Till next time......keep trying new ideas!!

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  1. Thanks Exploriment!!! This has been a fun project so far. I will see how far we can go before I run out of steam or ideas. Thanks for the support.