13 March 2016

Cubist Escape Sling Pack - Part Two

Fold in Half, Sew Foam in Place
 Here we are again. Part Two of The Cubist Escape.

Made more progress than I hoped I was going to achieve today. So, you get rewarded, too. Two posts in the same day.

We left off with the large piece of fabric with Velcro loop and 1" webbing sewn to host MOLLE pouches or pockets. The next step was to cut foam to insert into the folded piece of fabric. After the foam was secured in place, any excess was trimmed off. Next the corner seams were top-stitched to help the corners form. Then, the major side seam was sewn closed and select corner seams were top stitched again to create more defined.
Sew Up Side Seam

Centre Bottom Panel
Next the lower shoulder strap anchor was sewn together and then added to the edge of the pack. Centred so the pack can be used slung over either the left or right shoulder.

The bottom panel (10"x10) was centred and sewn to the bottom. Now that the pack is taking shape, sewing becomes more difficult. A helper is sometimes needed, when you need a third hand.

Then the major side seam and the bottom seams were finished in seam tape. Now they look real nice and professional.

Next on the construction list is building the top flap.More 1" webbing sewn to MOLLE spacing. And a pocket added to the underside. Seam tape to finish the edge seams around the top flap. Non-separating zippers attached on the left and right sides. Velcro hook and a Canadian flag added to the front of the flap. Also, a bit of top stitching to give the front edge some form.

Before attaching the top flap, the shoulder strap needed to be built. This time we are working with a longer strap, about 27" long. Still, have 1" webbing on the topside, but I omitted the 2" webbing from the underside. Weight is beginning to be an issue here. A utility/knife pocket was added to the underside, just because. Then padding material was added and then top& bottom were sewn together. Finished with seam tape.
Finish Seams With Seam Tape

Top Flap

Shoulder Strap

Major Components Complete

End of Day Two

Next the shoulder strap was sewn in place at the top of the back panel. Then the fun began.....the top flap.

As I suspected, once the pack was taking form, it would become more difficult to sew. I was not let down. It was a bit of a wrestling match to get the zippers sewn to the top of the left and right  sides. I did the best I could, not perfect.......but, operational.

The last success of this day, was the strap to connect the shoulder strap to the anchor. Just a piece of 1" webbing about 26" long. A 1" plastic snap hook was sewn to one end. Then the other end was fed through the 1" Super Lock Buckle on the shoulder strap and sewn in a loop that cannot return through. 

In part three, I will tackle specialty pockets for: Solar Panel, water bottles and anything else I may have forgotten. 

Until next time.....don't let a good day prevent you from posting twice on your Blog!!


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