13 March 2016

Cubist Escape Sling Pack - Part One

First Design Page

More Details
So, I have not had enough time to complete this pack yet, but it is slowly coming together.

This is the Cubist Escape Sling Pack. It will be in the running to be used as a carryon bag for a future adventure. The Cubist Escape will be paired with a complimentry, removeable mini-pack called the Bailout Cube. Together, these two packs will be 9"x9"x27". The Cubist Escape will be 9"x9"x18" and the Bailout Cube will be 9"x9"x9". 

My intention with this sling pack is to get the solar panel unit inside the pack & close to the back. The solar panel unit will help provide structure to the pack, while the pack provide protection to the solar panel. 

Other items that will go in or on the Cubist Escape will include: A poncho liner(Ranger Blanket), a full change of clothes - zip-off pants, shirt, underwear & socks; as well as, other bulking items. Water bottle holders will attach on the exterior. 

Speaking of attaching.....this pack has a lot of MOLLE style webbing straps to anchor many MOLLE type pockets or pouches. My original idea was to have 7x 1" webbing strips surround the pack, but after cutting and attaching 6x 1" webbing strips, I decided weight was becoming an issue. Not a good idea to make a carryon bag too heavy.

You might have noticed that this pack does not have many pieces....And, you would be correct. I have a one piece design to be the outside, inside - front, back, left & right. This pack will have one major seam not counting the bottom seams. The top will attach via: zippers, velcro, side-release buckles and one sewn seam. I have also designed this pack to work either slung over the left or right shoulder. Time will tell if this works as planned.
More Planning
 I will again try to utilize a wide shoulder strap with a minor taper. The cell phone pouch will again be attached to the shoulder strap. 

Initial design idea is to have a long should strap so the Bailout Cube can be temporarily attached to the Cubist Escape for boarding aircraft. Once on board the Bailout Cube can be detached and utilized during the flight, while the Cubist Escape is safely stowed in the overhead bin.

That is all for now. I will update as progress is made.

Until next time.....if your first try does not make you happy. Design & build a new pack!!

Enough Final Detail to Work With

Chalked Design on Fabric

One Piece Will Become Inside & Outside - Front, Back, Left & Right Sides

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