8 February 2015

Outdoor Survival Kit Items - Part One

UST Pico LED Lantern
Maybe it is time for more gear talk....

Three items today, recently purchased from online sources. First up is the Pico LED Lantern from UST (Ultimate Survival Technology). This little lighthouse is powered by 4x "AA" batteries, I recommend rechargeables, but that is just my suggestion. On the high setting this unit produces 120 lumens of light and will run for 22 hours. On low, you get a 15 lumen glow that lasts for 91 hours. And if needed, the SOS strobe will continue to send your message for 120 hours, before your batteries require a recharge. For more details see my posting here: http://thegoodplanblog.blogspot.ca/2015/01/a-good-area-light.html on my The GOOD Plan Blog.
$10 Compact Canister Stove
Up next is the most affordable stove I have ever found on the internet or anywhere else. At $10 including shipping, this is a good deal. This stove is compact and light. Still have to do some Winter tests, but so far I believe this is a good investment for a bugout bag or just to keep in your vehicle emergency kit. Be sure to keep a canister or two of fuel. The larger 800g canisters should be good  for at least 4 days of normal backpack cooking. The mini 300g canisters will probably get you through a light weekend trip. See more here: http://thegoodplanblog.blogspot.ca/2015/01/a-good-stove-for-your-bob.html
$4 LED Flashlight - Lens
 A most recent arrival is this $4 LED flashlight. This was ordered off of amazon.ca ( http://www.amazon.ca/300lm-Flashlight-Torch-Adjustable-Focus/dp/B006E0QAFY/ref=aag_m_pw_dp?ie=UTF8&m=AMTS6SG366MYX ) The vendor was hotsalecanada via the Amazon Marketplace.

This very compact flashlight runs on a single "AA" battery. It is quite bright. Manufacture says 300 lumens on high. It has a low setting and a defence strobe setting.

It is an all metal design (aluminum??) with the switch on the tail-cap. A pocket clip. And a large glass lens. For less than $4 per unit, you can afford to stock-up and ensure you have light in every BOB or backpack.

I will add survival kit items in the future, using this same catagory. I may even post a short paper on survival kit considerations.
$4 LED Flashlight

Until next time......

Keep your gear ready!!!


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