14 March 2014

Chuckbox Plans - Yes, I Found Them!!

The Chuckboxes
I found the Chuckbox Plans!!! Yah!

I know a little bit juvenile, but I finally found the plans. I have promised to post them as soon as I found them. Well, earlier tonight while searching for a set of pencil crayons, I happened upon the original plans that I used to make the chuckboxes pictured to the right.

You and I both notice right away that the picture to the right and the plans do not match 100%. And for good reason. With penny-pinching embedded deep in my DNA, it was not going to happen that I would purchase any extra sheets of plywood to complete this project. LOL.

I hope these plans help some of you out there. So, you can create your own set of chuckboxes and get out camping.
Page 1 - Chuckbox Plans
 You may notice that I had planned for a few items on page 1, that have not yet materialized on the chuckboxes. Like the holder for paper towel, wax paper, tin foil or plastic wrap. And the reason is, the hinges do not allow the lids to hang pass 90 degrees. Maybe I need different hinges, other than piano hinge.

Page 2 - Chuckbox Plans

 Page 2 shows all the rough measurements I started with.

Page 3 - Chuckbox Plans
 Page 3 has the measurements of the items that HAD to fit into the chuckboxes. And the measurements of the parts of the chuckboxes. You may need to do a similar sheet of the items you need to bring with you on your camping trips. And then customize your chuckbox(es) to fit your gear.

Page 4 - Chuckbox Plans
Finally, Page 4 - the last of the rough figuring before plywood was measured, marked and cut.

I am not a carpenter, and the finishing was rough. If, I were to do it again I would:

Cut out all the pieces and give a quick sand.
Paint all pieces before assembly.
Do a finishing coat of paint after assembly.

I would still use PL-400 construction adhesive and WELDBOND glue where required. 

I would use 3/4" plywood whenever possible. Maybe, use 1" x 6" wide fence boards for the shelves or maybe not. The 1/2" plywood did work well for shelves. The tacking together with finishing nails and/or gyproc screws did work until the PL-400 cured. 

I am not sure if the plans detail it or not, but I used two runners under each chuckbox made from 1"x2" 's. Just to give each chuckbox a little space underneath.

Again, I hope this helps all of you campers and outfitters out there who want to build their own customized camping gear.

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Always make a plan and follow it.....until it is necessary to modify!



  1. I saw a book recently about campaign furniture. Not that I plan to trek across parts of the empire with a train of coolies behind carrying my creature comforts, but the idea of furniture designed with mobility in mind is intriguing. I've moved a bunch of times in my life, and I like the idea of furniture that works when set up, but that is reasonably easy to pack up and move when it needs to be transported elsewhere.

    1. Exploriment,

      If you take on the challenge of making yourself any pieces of campaign furniture please post on your blog and drop me a line. I love to see some new ideas for suffering in comfort while camping!!



  2. Thank you for sharing the details. I am excited to make one. I am wondering if you could guess how much these weigh when empty? Are they easily transported by one person when full?

    1. Sherron,

      No problem. If we don't share, how can we evolve as human beings. Work together and great things can happen.

      I am only guessing here, but the "Pantry" box probably weighs 20 lbs and the "Kitchen" box probably weighs 30 lbs. I might be guessing a little on the high side. They are built solid.

      NO!!!! When full they are NOT easily transported by one person. Because they are bulky and ackward they move better with one person on each handle. Also, they are not small so getting into side vehicle doors can be challenging. I, originally had a full size Chev Suburban and I loaded these units via the back doors. But side door entry was tight. Not sure I can get them in the side door on the Tahoe, because the doors are not as wide as the Suburban.

      But, with that said if you can make a set that fit your gear and are sized to fit your vehicle you should have chuck boxes that last you a lifetime of wilderness camping, two lifetimes if glamping.