18 January 2014

Building Your Own Gear Pouch

Finally, making gear again. Might be short lived, but I am enjoying it none-the-less.

So, if you have recently added new gear to your personal gear inventory and you need to protect that gear between uses......maybe you need to build a custom pouch or case. 

I received this Cree L.E.D. Headlamp and I really like it, but I don't want the lens scratched when I am not using it. Time to build a new gear pouch.

First things first, we need a plan or pattern to work from......
 With the aid of a basic measuring device we discover that the headlamp needs a pouch with an interior about 3" wide and 5" tall and 2" deep. We note this in our notebook. Then we decide how much seam allowance will be needed. Which is about a 1/4" on all sides being sewn.

We also decide that low density foam between the inner and outer layers of Cordura would help absorb shock and a bit of fleece would prevent scratches to the headlamp lens. 

The pouch will employ a Velcro closing belt loop and a side-release buckle for securing the headlamp inside the pouch.

Using tailor's chalk we measure & draw the pieces onto the Cordura. Cut.
Next the fleece is added. Then the foam is sandwiched between the inner and outer layers of Cordura. Since we are just tacking this in-place, you can just zig-zag around the edges. Add any webbing, buckles or similar items to each component - front, back, side.

I like to build each component first. Once all components are complete, then I start to assemble the pouch. First sew the front panel to the sides - lining up top edges and centre line marks, pin in-place.

Next add the sides to the back panel. Once complete, finish the raw edges with nylon seam binding tape.
Once the whole pouch is assembled, do a test fit to ensure that your gear will fit in the pouch. Yeah, it fits!!

Last steps, use a candle flame to remove lose threads and to erase the chalk lines.

There you have it. A couple hours of your time and you have designed and crafted a custom gear pouch from start to finish.

Until next time........If you can't afford it or no one else builds it, build your own custom gear!!


Link to Tactical Flask Pouch project: tactical-flask-pouch-2019

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