22 July 2013

More Flood 2013 Pictures

22 June 2013 - Highway #2 Looking SW

22 June 2013 - Highway #2 Looking South

22 June 2013 - Highway #2 Looking West

22 June 2013 - Buses & Tractors at Moody's Equipment

22 June 2013 - Northbound on Highway #2. Bridge Over the Highwood River. Down 6' from the 20th of June.

28 June 2013 - Pump House Across From HSA. Not Much Change From 22 June 2013.

04 July 2013 - Southbound on 5th Street, Looking Southeast Towards Sunrise and Hampton's.

04 July 2013 - The New Highwood Lake, From 5th Street Southbound.

04 July 2013 - Water, Water, Everywhere.......

04 July 2013 - Looking South Down 21 Street East.

04 July 2013 - Looking South Down 21 Street East.

04 July 2013 - Condo Complex in Sunrise Next to HSA.

04 July 2013 - HSA Staff Parking Area.

04 July 2013 - Pump House Across From HSA. Water is Still High!

12 July 2013 - Looking South Down 21 Street East. 500 Million Gallons Pumped and Still More To Go.
The recovery phase continues in High River. Folks are exhausted and frustrated. Thank God for the volunteers and their endless energy and patience. The folks in this town really do appreciate all you have done for all of us. THANK YOU!!

The government - at all levels - on the other hand, is proving to be as two faced as always. But thanks to facebook, personal blogs and twitter; the average person is keeping the world informed about things around here and holding the elected representatives' feet in  the fire, so's to speak. With such scrutiny, it is hard to be dishonest to folks and get away with it. Hopefully, the elected ones will start to work with the people and use co-operation, instead of confrontation to resolve future flood or other disaster mitigation. 

The insurance industry is also being held to a high standard around these parts. That is good to see. It will be interesting to see who renews their policy with whom, when all is said and done.

I believe this incident has brought the folks of High River closer together, and forged a stronger sense of community. We will get through this. To those outside, may you never have to go through a situation like this. And, if you do, may you at least have a bugout bag full of clothes, shaving gear and important documents to quickly carry out of your home with your 72 hour supply of water and food. And if you still have time, do not forget your important photographs or external hard-drive with copies of all your memories. 

Be Ever Vigilant,


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  1. I will definitely be putting together a bug out bag or list. And apparently safe deposit boxes, while safe from criminal action, are not a barrier to mother nature.External storage of memories is important though.