27 July 2013

Flood Damage in K-Country

Hwy #532 Closed at Indian Graves Campground

Hwy #532 Washed-out Beyond Road Closed Sign
 Time to go to the hills. Friday was the best weather day in a long time around here. Tried to get out to do a photo-shoot for my book - The G.O.O.D Plan - Get Out Of Dodge. Tougher than expected.

First, tried to get to K-Country via Highway #532 - Indian Graves to The Hump to The Forestry Trunk Road. Discovered a "Road Closed" barrier just after the intersection to the Indian Graves Campground. Found a good trail around, continued up Hwy #532. Only made it a few more klicks. Then found the culverts had been washed out. Totally. Had a little hike up creek. There is a possible ford through the creek. But, before attempting a crossing met with a local rancher. He said not to bother, as Hwy #532 was washed -out for at least 1/4 mile just pass Bear Lake parking area. 

So, I made tracks out of there. I dropped in to the MD of Ranchlands #66 Office at Chain Lakes. The road to The Gap is open but Hwy's 40 & 532 are closed at the junction. So, you have to double back if you go out there.

Bridge Out South of Mean Creek & Livingston River
 I am heading South. Beautiful sunny day. Why would I cut my day short??

Head South on Hwy #22 to Maycroft. Then head West on Hwy #517 to The Gap. Great scenery along the Oldman River, but too crowded for me. 

Arrive at the junction with Hwy #40 - The Forestry Trunk Road, head North. Pass Dutch Creek. Pass Oldman River. Pass Livingston Falls. Finally, traffic is starting to thinout. 

First Westward offshoot just South of the Mean Creek confluence with
Bridge Out North of Mean Creek & Livingston River
the Livingston River, bridge is out. In fact, one section of the bridge is missing, displaced downstream a few hundred meters. No going that way.

The next road to the West, was just North of the confluence of Mean Creek & the Livingston River. The road was great to the bridge. The bridge appeared to be in great shape. However, the Westend, the bridge approach and the road beyond were gone for at least 200 meters. 

Then, continuing North  to the junction of Hwy's 40 and 532. North of the triangle "Road Closed" signs on Hwy #40. And just East of the
Two Wash-outs Between The Hump and Trunk Road
triangle "Road Closed" signs on Hwy #532.  However, not too far East on Hwy #532, there are two washouts. Vehicles with low clearance are not crossing these. I bottomed out a time or two, but was able to drive beyond. I made it to The Hump, but decided against driving down to see the washout I had heard about earlier in the day. As it was, even here at The Hump, there were other folks. two driving a Nissan Titan crewcab and a couple of hikers who had parked their vehicles at the washouts. Too crowded for me.
The Hump Looking Down to Indian Graves (Hwy #532)

I headed back down towards Mean Creek, and spotted a skid trail into a logged block. Some very deep ruts where the flood waters washed away part of the track, but enough road to get away from the crowds.

Finally, some peace and quiet. Some great scenery to back-drop my photo-shoot. A very good day.

Remember, when you head to the hills, don't forget your camera!!



  1. We had some pretty bad flooding in New Jersey during the recent hurricanes. not only was my basement flooded, but so was the first floor of my house. It's a good thing I had the sense to move everything to the second floor before leaving. Unfortunately, this also means I sustained a ton of flood damage, luckily the insurance company helped me find a great fire and water damage restoration company that made my house livable again in no time.

  2. James,

    Thanks for that. I am happy to hear you survived. Hopefully, the damages can be repaired in a timely manner.

    Do you have any recommendations for folks who may find themselves in some sort of flood situation??



  3. Hmm... words are not enough to describe everything that I've read on your post, Mountainman. It's really hard to imagine how a simple flash of water can make a huge damage on one area. But I think it would be dangerous for anyone to pass there. What's the progress on that area today?

    Yang @More Floods