23 June 2013

High River Flood 2013

This will be a quick post. These photos were taken in the morning of 22 June 2013.

The first picture is Highway #2, Northbound, with the Highwood River flowing under the bridge. When we evac'd on Thursday night, 20 June 2013, the water level under this bridge was almost to the top of the arches.

I will edit soon.

26 June 2013 - Update.

Been a bit busy at work and was not able to get back til now.

The second photo is from Highway #2 looking West at Moody's Equipment in High River and the buses for The Christ Redeemer School Division. The new lake extends West to 5th Street, North to the Cargill Plant and South to 12th Avenue.

I stopped at the RCMP and PPCLI checkpoint setup at the Commercial Truck Exit into High River. And that was as close as I was allowed to home.

The third photo is looking at the street just South of the condo complex of Sunrise Terrace Villas NE, High River. The water is up to the bumpers of the vehicles parked on the street. This was at least 12 hours after the waters had begun to recede. This is at least 2 vertical feet  lower than the level our front door. We do not know whether or not we have had any flood damage to our home. The unknowing, in my opinion, is considerably more difficult to contend with, than knowing everything was destroyed.

The last photo is again looking West from Highway #2, this time to the Storm Water Pond and Pumphouse across the street from Holy Spirit Academy, High River. The storm water pond's water level, is usually well below street level. The water in the photo is within 2 feet from completely covering the pumphouse. This part of the lake extends right to and around Holy Spirit Academy. 

I am glad we were able to get out safe and sound, but now is the time to be allowed back in to assess the level of damage to our home, before mold and rotting food in the fridge and freezer make this an even worse tradegy. So, I hope the leaders from our town are listening. Please let us back in, so we can find out how we have been affected. Home owners have a vested interest in the clean-up, too. We want to start on our property before the damage gets to the stage of being non-repairable.

I will try to get some updated photos today.

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