5 April 2013

Build Your Own Pack - More Pics

 With recent increased interest in the prior post on building your own backpack. I have posted a few more pic's of some of the old projects. 

The first pic's are of the pack I have named the LRRP - Long Range Recreation Pack. If used for members of a SAR Team it would change to a Long Range Rescue Pack.

Below are all the components of this variable geometry pack system. By adding or removing the components you can change the size of the pack you take with you. 

Fully loaded, like the pic to the left, you can haul an large amount of gear to your base camp. Once there, you can use the Pigy-Pak daypack for day tripping from your base.

 Depending on the size and shape of your gear, the side pockets can also be converted into a sling pack for day tripping.
 Of course, some pockets are special function. Such as the crampon pouch on the LRRP or the scabbards on this military patrolling pack.

The scabbards can be removed and the pack used without or tent pockets could be used in place of the scabbards. When removed the scabbard(s) can be attached to an ATV or slung. Making this quite versatile.

Enjoy the rest of the pic's.

Until next time....Keep you pack ready!!!



  1. very cool bags...I want one :)

  2. Thanks.

    With a few pieces of fabric, a sewing machine and a wee bit of time, you too could have one of these packs.