8 March 2013

Project Pelican 45 Toboggan Part Two

 Well, it has been a good few days off. The first of the Pelican 45's has a new winter cover. YAH!

The white 420 denier nylon with a PU backing was probably the most expensive single item at $21 for 4 yards. But that is a bit misleading, as that one piece of fabric will provide materials for two covers. Extended cost per unit......$10.50 for the fabric. Quite acceptable in my books. The fabric is from
 Paccana Enterprises Ltd. A solid supplier, that I have dealt with for years. 

There was nothing fancy about the cover from the sewing standpoint. Double rolled and sewn seams top and bottom. And one end seam double rolled and sewn. The fabric piece was 30.5" wide by 126" long. An extra inch in length would have been okay or a little less on the end seam. The cover fit, tight.
 I then used 10x 8" pieces of 3/4" AC (animal control) webbing to make the loops around the base. 4x loops on each side and one at each end. Each loop was bartacked twice for each side of the loop. About one inch apart. Basically, bartacked across the seam lines of the hemmed bottom edge.

That was it for the sewing. Basically, a very large tube of fabric.

The next stage was making holes through the fabric and the toboggan. I could have used my hole punch for the fabric and my cordless drill for the toboggan. Instead, I opted for the soldering iron and melted holes through the fabric and then the toboggan. To ensure the cover did not tear, I inserted brass eyelets. (Note to self: get a new set of eyelet pliers.)

I did the stitch as you go method. So, I melted two holes and then pressed in the eyelets on the cover and finished by lacing the drawcord through the eyelets and the toboggan. I started lacing from the centre at the front and worked my way to the rear of the toboggan. I also tried to work evenly, a bit on one side then I did the other side. It was a slow method but the cover went on nice and level and even.
 The excess drawcord was half-hitched for a good three inches on each side of centre rear. In case a field repair or replacement is required, an extra 8" of so of cord is already there.

I then used about 36' of 1 inch tubular webbing (6x arm spans) for lacing the cover closed. It was weaved through the webbing loops, in a criss-cross pattern.
These last two pictures have a large red duffle bag inside the toboggan. It fit with ease. There is plenty of room yet.

I have a short leash on the toboggan made from about 18' of 1" tubular webbing. First tied into a loop using a tape knot and then girth hitched onto the pull ring at the front of the toboggan.

This baby is almost ready for the field. I need to do a little paint job on the plywood and then we are good to go.

I now have a trekking class toboggan for winter camping.

Until next time....Have your sled ready and get out there!

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