16 April 2020

Micro Shotgun Rig - Designed and Proto-typed by SATAS Co. (Part One)

Big Rocks, Foothills County, Alberta, Canada
Since making my tactical shotgun vest in 2018 (https://mtnmanblog.blogspot.com/2018/01/tactical-shotgun-vest-designed.html). I have been thinking about a more compact option. After repeated trips online, a few different sources suggested checking out gear from Special Operations Equipment (https://www.originalsoegear.com/) SOE Tactical Gear make a Micro Chest Rig for multiple platforms, including shotguns. 

This lead to more searching online and the discovery of some gear review videos:

 So, that is what inspired my thinking for making this proto-type. A compact, snug, shotgun accessory to pack extra ammo and minimal extras. 

While many of my previous vests have been larger, with room for many extras, see these past Blog enteries:

This new project wanted to be on the minimalist side of the spectrum. This is not a patrolling or survival vest. And, this is not a fighting vest - it is not designed to incorporate defensive armour and is not a plate carrier. This vest is for fast and light escape or resistance if a person gets caught in a situation by agents of tyranny, oppression or violence. 

The best defence is a responsive counter-punch. This little package provides backup resources to feed your 12 gauge an extra 38 rounds, as well as, holding a signal smoke and a 6x6 pouch to hold first aid/IFAK/blowout kit and other emergency items. There is webbing on the exterior of the pockets to mount an tourniquet, pen light or glow sticks. Further, the are mounting options on the Rhodesian style harness and the waist belt for adding those essentials you need to carry with you. 

In Part Two (https://mtnmanblog.blogspot.com/2020/04/micro-shotgun-rig-part-two-build-process.html), I will follow-up with the actual process for building a micro rig. I can say it took around twelve-hours of work to draw/design the micro rig I wanted, and then to actually build it. So, if a first run proto-type took twelve-hours, I can assume a production time around six-hours. So, at a minimum of $25/hour for skilled labour to sew a product like this that is $150 just in labour, plus materials...say, $25; and, then a minor profit to make it worthwhile to do as a business, say another $25 and you have a minimal ammo carrier designed with purpose arriving around $200. So, SOE sells their Micro Rigs from around $165 USD and up. Which I can say, having just built my version, is a very good bargain. If you need a micro chest rig and lack the skills to make your own, then, I would seriously suggest checking out SOE Gear (https://www.originalsoegear.com/). 

Join me for Part Two (https://mtnmanblog.blogspot.com/2020/04/micro-shotgun-rig-part-two-build-process.html) to learn what I did to make my proto-type micro chest rig.

Until next time, If you can't afford it and you
really, really need it...Best learn how to make it!


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