19 April 2020

Micro Rig - GSG MP-40 Design and Pics - Another SATAS Co Proto-type

Big Rock, Foothills County, Alberta, Canada
Another day, another proto-type. This time a micro rig for a GSG MP-40. 

This micro rig utilizes a signal smoke pouch, a 4"x 4" x 6" utility pocket and 5 mag pockets (horizontally mounted); as well as, the standard admin pocket where everything is mounted to.

These mag pockets have a snug fit and hold most of the magazine inside the pocket, as such, flaps are not required.

The other feature to mention was the addition of a water bottle carrier on the waist belt - a horizontally mounted pouch that holds a 32 ounce Nalgene water bottle. The side release buckle is mounted exposed to aid in opening the pouch while wearing the micro rig. 

The primary fabric for this project was 1000 denier Cordura in Woodland with a 600 denier polyester pack cloth as the backing material. Combined with polypropylene webbing, this gear should have a long service life.
If called upon to recreate this design I would increase the volume of the magazine pockets. This proto-type used 1.5" for the sides and 1" for the top dimensions for each pocket. I would increase that to 1.75" for the sides and 1.25" for the top. I would keep the finished length at 8.25".

Also, I would put a bottom panel on the utility pouch to give more volume and less fabric to sew through to finish the pocket.

The Rhodesian style harness seems to work well, so no need to change that at this time. An "H" harness could be a future option, but not at this time.

Until next time...make more gear!!


The following images are the design plans I worked from to create this proto-type. 

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