26 July 2019

Mount Robson & Neighbourhood (2001) - Part Two

Whitehorn Across Kinney Lake
The next visit to Mount Robson and the Berg Lake Trail was in July 2001. This trip was a family and friends trip. Everyone was eager to get into the hills and enjoy a great time.

The weather was starting off very well. This first snapshot was looking across Kinney Lake at Whitehorn. Although, it was a bit cool at the trailhead, it was quickly heating up.

Up behind the Kinney Lake Shelter, I noticed this nice turret of rock. I have not found what it is called. Doesn't appear to be a large enough feature to make it onto the map. A mystery, I guess. I am sure some of the folks at the Alpine Club of Canada have at least a nickname for it.

It was a hot slow slog up the trail out of the Valley of a Thousand Falls. The next photo is from Emperor CG looking up Emperor Ridge on Mount Robson. You can just see a bit of the Mist Glacier on the left side of the photo.

A Turret of Rock Behind Kinney Lake Shelter
Looking from the creek at Robson Pass CG back at Mount Robson. This trip I scored mostly snapshots of Mount Robson. Which worked well for the family photo album. Have only selected the better ones for posting.

The next three pics are from Robson Pass CG as the sun is setting and the shadow line is creeping up Mount Rearguard, but Mount Robson is smiling in the evening sunshine.

Three of us made it to the summit of Mumm Peak. It was not as clear as me last visit, there is a lot more cloud in the picture. It was a great hike. The view is outstanding from Mumm Peak.

Then it was time to hike out and Mount Robson did not have a cloud anywhere near. This is such an awesome place to go hiking and if you enjoy snapping pics, there are no bad directions to point a camera.

Until next....Grab your camera and shoot something!!

Emperor Ridge, Mount Robson - July 2001 (Photo by V.A. McMillan)

Mount Robson from Robson Pass CG - July 2001 (Photo by V.A. McMillan)

Mount Robson - July 2001 (Photo by V.A. McMillan)

Mount Robson Catching Clouds - July 2001 (Photo by V.A. McMillan)

Mount Robson, Fading Sunshine - July 2001 (Photo by V.A. McMillan)

Mount Robson from Mumm Peak - July 2001 (Photo by V.A. McMillan)

Mount Robson, Hiking Out - July 2001 (Photo by V.A. McMillan)
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