6 January 2019

Building a Study Station

Study Space
Welcome to the new year, 2019!! 2018 ended with very few posts on Mountainman's Mantra.  Life happens, and somedays posting on the Blog does not happen. 

Here's to new years and new adventures!! In 2019, I will be starting a new adventure. I am going back to school. Time to upgrade. I need a degree to stay competitive in the labour market. So, it is back to the books for me.

Laptop & Tablet on VIVO Mounts

Laptop & Tablet Ready for Class
I will be getting a Bachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies degree from the Justice Institute of British Columbia. Thankfully, they have a program that allows for full-time online studies. Thus, I do not have to move and pay for two residences at the same time. Phew!!

So, I have had to do a wee bit of modifying around the place to get ready for the start of classes. 

Custom sewing projects will have to go on hold for a few years, as that space is now my classroom. I purchased a VIVO laptop and monitor stand to make my desk more efficient. Only one issue, my tablet did not want to mount to the monitor mounting plate.
Close-up Of  Modified VIVO Monitor Mounting Plate
That required a little more research and another purchase of a VIVO Wall Mount Bracket. This new bracket was meant for an AppleTV or similar unit. It was also meant to be screwed into the wall NOT to be used with their monitor mounting plate. No matter. I can make a solution happen. Both, the laptop/monitor stand and the wall bracket were made from top quality materials and were very well made. The solution was quite easy, just drill an extra hole in the monitor mounting plate. That was it. I used the same style #8-32 screws and purchased some nyloc nuts to work with the #8-32 screws to attach the wall bracket to the monitor mounting plate. Now my tablet is mounted exactly where I need it.....above my laptop screen. This will allow textbooks to be open on the tablet while I conduct my lessons on my laptop. 

With the technical equipment issues resolved, next project was constructing a portable enclosure around my desk area to limit how much distraction I will cause my family while I am studying.

The local hardware store set me up with 6 lengths of 11/16" x 8' square molding to build a simple frame and 3 hinges to join the frames together. I already had a large piece of grey fabric which I upholstered the frames with. Now, my study area has a nice backdrop in case I need to do any video chats with classmates or instructors. I am pleased with the final product. 

I believe I am ready for school to start. The next four years will be a new adventure but an adventure I am ready to undertake!!
Close-up of Mounted Tablet

Until next time.....if the world tells you, you have too many years of experience and not enough education....GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!

Study Area Room Divider

SATAS Co Website - New Link

Life changes, life stays the same. I have had to change where the SATAS Co website will be. Still on WIX.com, but now it is on the free hosting platform, so, the address has changed. Please, use the following link:

I am heading back to school to get a degree, a Bachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies. So, the SATAS Co website will be on a free platform until school is done. I will be available to do consulting on a compressed availability for anyone seeking my services. I will consider putting on SATAS Co courses if there is sufficient demand, however, I will try to encourage courses be done during the Summer months when my school course load will be reduced.  

SATAS Co inquiries can be directed to the following email:


I will endeavour to post more on my Blog in the coming days.