16 September 2018

Open House Success for The GOOD Plan

The GOOD Plan Display at Briden Solutions Open House
It was a cool, damp Autumn morning when we arrived at Briden Solutions, West of Calgary for their open house on the 15th of September 2018. I was given a choice setup location between Mobile Escape - escape rooms trailer and the food truck. I was in the right spot to grab the attention of everyone coming outside for their free lunch.

I setup a basic BOV (bugout vehicle) display, incorporating my tarp awning, collapsible table, camp stove and pot set. I had my hobo bed setup inside the BOV and I had the dash covered in copies of The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge. I also unfurled my new banners for the first time. (I think they look good.)

 Needing to leave the path clear to the food truck I used the second set of grommets on the tarp to shorten it and also provide a bit more side cover to stove setup under the tarp. The tarp awning is very versatile. I also improvised with the pallets, thus not damaging the tarmac will large spikes. Emergency preparedness is all about assessing the situation & improvising a solution. 
While inside for a few minutes I picked up a few items for my pantry. Mountain House Chicken & Rice (a family favourite), Teriyaki Chicken  & Rice (new flavour for us) and Peak Refuel Chicken Alfredo. The new Peak Refuel line of food products were the star of Briden Solutions Open House. They has rep onsite and were preparing and sampling all their products. I sampled the Chicken Alfredo and was very impressed. There was no lack of flavour nor a lack of meat. Many companies would go heavy on the noodles and have a few bits of chicken or chicken flavoured TVP(textured vegetable protein). Peak Refuel prides themselves on only using real meat. The meals cost more, however, you are getting more. So if you want to be surviving with meals close to home cookin', add a few #10 cans of Peak Refuel to augment your emergency ration pantry. Store what you eat, eat what you store. For a price comparison the #10 can of Mountain House Teriyaki Chicken & Rice is about $38 a can, while Peak Refuel Chicken Alfredo is about $74 a can. Both of these are good to eat, even when it is not an emergency. They both store for up to 25 years and come with plastic lids to seal the can once opened. Even if you have rice & beans as your family main stay, every once in a while you will want to reward good behaviour with a change of meals. Peak Refuel will fill this properly.

New Banner
As I spend most of my time out near my BOV display I did not get to see everybody who arrived, however, the lineup for lunch was steady and well populated. I did manage to sell a copy of The GOOD Plan and one was earned as a prize. Would have sold two if the prize winner hadn't just purchased a copy. 

Thanks again, Dwight, it was great coming out to your shop and helping you, helping others to be more prepared.

Until next time......stay connected with your supplier!!


PS - Yes, I copied from The GOOD Plan Blog.....with permission :-)

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