10 August 2018

Cast Iron Deal Right Now at Superstore - Calgary

Mini Cast Iron Skillet - $3.94
I hope everyone is enjoying a good Summer. I am afraid I have not been a good blogger of late, hopefully, I will get a few more articles posted before this month comes to an end.

Cast Irons, everyone loves cooking on cast iron, right?!? I know I do. You can cook with cast irons on an electric stove or a gas stove or a camping stove or a wood stove or even on a campfire! Yes, I believe cast iron is a very versatile cookware - good-times or bad.

Right now, 10 August 2018, if you are in Calgary and want to start or increase your cast iron collection of useful cookware....visit the Superstore just off MacLeod Trail South (#100, 15915 MacLeod Trail SE). This morning I added this mini cast iron skillet for $3.94!! That's right, for less than 5 bucks you can purchase a cast iron that is perfectly sized to grill one grilled cheese sandwich!! With proper care this cast iron skillet will last at least one lifetime, but likely many lifetimes!! (I am beginning to sounds like I should do infomercials)

They had two styles, the one pictured above and a small frying pan style. I believe they were both for the same price - $3.94. If you want one, better get one quick. Deals like this don't last long.

Until next time....be on the lookout for good deals!