29 May 2018

3 Shot Shell Improved Belt Pouch - Designed by SATAS Co.

Improved 3 Shot Shell Belt Pouch - Designed by SATAS Co.

3 Shot Shell Belt Pouch (Velcro Belt Loop Open)
Sometimes a good design just has to get better. Although, the original 3 Shot Shell Belt Pouch  (Link: Original Post ) worked very well at holding the shot shells, it did not fit over two layers of my 5.11 Double Duty belt. So, time to make the belt pouch adjustable.

The materials changed very little. 3" webbing needs to be 7" long and you will need hook & loop tape 3"x2" (3"x2.25"). Like other projects I make with Velcro type adjustable belt loops, the loop goes on the bottom flap and the hook tape goes on the upper flap.

The advantages & versatility of an adjustable belt loop outshine any increase in material costs or added construction time. This new design even fits over a 2" duty belt. I hope these photos show enough detail.

Until next time.....if the design needs improving, 
Get to it and make it better!!!


Original on the left, Improved on the right

More Adaptable Improved Design

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