17 December 2017

Down & Dirty Type II Smoke Grenade Single Pouches

Type II Single Smoke Grenade Pouch for EG25's
Very successful weekend indeed. This is the third style of grenade pouch designed and prototype produced by SATAS Co.

The Type II Micro Smoke Grenade Single Pouch is constructed of a mixture of 3", 2" and 3/4" webbing. Best part about webbing is once the you melt the cut edges there is no need to follow up with seam tape to finish the edges....which means, one less step under the sewing machine and quicker completion time. Economy of scale, with everything else being equal a pouch made from webbing should be more affordable to make and/or purchase.
Type II Smoke Grenade Pouch - Hook & Loop Belt Loop

So, one pouch employs a snap hook for quick attachment to packs, vests or clothing. Both make use of a hook & loop adjustable belt loop .

Until next time....make some gear!!

Type II Micro Smoke Grenade Single Pouch Plans

Lots of Styles for Packing Micro Smoke Grenades


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sir!! I see you have been keeping busy, yourself. Cheers.

  2. I love it when I can make something with just webbing. Simple and effective.

    (I just have to throw this asides in, cause you’ll appreciate it.

    A while back I saw that Princess Auto had some 3" 17337 nylon webbing. Hhhmmmhh... 3 inch is hard to find, I could use some for water bottle holders for the pack I'm designing ... kind of an odd foliage green / sage green colour, not olive green, strike against it. But ultimately, $45 for a 100 yards that I could only see myself using a small amount of sporadically ... I'll pass.

    I see my pal Andrew last night who has a part time gig there. We're talking about the little treasures you can find at Princess Auto. Mention that webbing.

    "Yeah it went on sale, half the price, manager slashed the price even more, I got an employee discount - 4 of them $20. I've got them in the trunk of my car. I'll give you one."

    It's still not my preferred colour, it's still way more than I can see myself using - but hell, a free roll of webbing is okay in my books.)

    1. Free webbing is always a good deal!! Best success on your new pack design!! Cheers.