23 December 2017

Cloak Pin Re-Finished in Burnt Bronze Cerakote by The Shooting Edge

Cloak Pin in Burnt Bronze Cerakote Finish by The Shooting Edge
Recently, I had an opportunity to change the look of my cloak pin, so I took a chance....happy I did.

When I purchased this cloak pin at a shop in Edinburgh, it had a brushed steel finish, although nice it did not match my other accoutrements, which have an antique brass look on the metal parts. So, one day at work I find out the new coating shop needs projects to practice on before they open the service to the general public. After a short chat with my co-workers everyone sounds excited to add a burnt bronze colour to the cloak pin. 

The finished look works very well with the rest of my Great Kilt accoutrements. Thanks to The Shooting Edge in Calgary. The new coatings shop is part of the gunsmith shop and will open to the public early in the new year, 2018.

Until next time.....don't throw it away refinish it!!


Cloak Pin with Great Kilt Accoutrements - Belt, Sgain Dhu & Sporran

Cloak Pin Sporting a New Burnt Bronze Cerakote Look

Cloak Pin in Brushed Steel Finish - Inside the Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle

Update 03 March 2018

Link to Edge Customs: http://edgecustoms.ca  

Edge Customs

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