7 May 2017

SATAS Co Emergency Preparedness Week & YouTube

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Well SATAS Co is slowly getting its legs under it. Their YouTube Channel just opened today. Here is the first video:

Today is 07 May 2017, and the start to the National Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada. This year flooding seems to be the disaster of the season. Having experienced that a few years back, I hope all these folks are working together and battling the floods and comforting each other. Take care of each other.

Emergency Preparedness Week is a great time for seasoned preparedness members to review family emergency plans, update contact sheets, make backup of critical data (on USB drives, DVD or external hard drives), rotate water stores, switch from Winter gear to Summer gear (in BOB's, BOV's or GO Bags), and run a few drills.

For those new to emergency preparedness, fear not!! This is not an all or nothing game, and any retailer who says otherwise is just trying to bleed you of your hard earned money, to line their own pockets. Preparedness is first and foremost a mental exercise. Training the mind and the gear and gadgets can come later. Invest in yourself, take courses & read books - lots of them!! Once you fill your most valuable survival tool - your mind; you can improvise for anything. With knowledge, gear becomes tools, tools that make improvising easier and faster. Gear without knowledge is just souvenirs for search & rescue parties.

Obtaining knowledge does not always mean shelling heaps of cash. Many organizations need volunteers, volunteers who are eager to learn and willing to invest their time for a cause. Some great sources to consider: Scouts Canada - they always need leaders, search & rescue units in many locations use a majority of volunteers to staff positions, Junior Forest Wardens - like Scouts they need leaders, and then there are 4H Clubs , HAM radio clubs, Citizens on Patrol & any number of service clubs. From any and all of these outstanding organizations you will gain skills, you just have to commit some of your valuable time.

Now, if you just want to invest hard currency for knowledge......have you heard of a new company called: SATAS Co?? I am very familiar with this company. With a strong focus on situational awareness and emergency preparedness, this is a great place to start. www.SATAS4.ME will take right to their website.

Be safe out there folks!

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Learn a new skill or refresh old ones!!


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