9 January 2017

Learn New Skills with Alberta Emergency Management Agency

Evening All,

GOOD skills are easy to come by if you are watching for opportunities. Recently, I became aware of a course being offered, free-of-charge, from Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). The link to this course is here: AEMA Basic Emergency Management Course

The course material is easy to download, it is a PDF manual. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to work through at a relaxed pace. Now to get your certificate you need to register and then complete the online exam, which I am told takes about an hour. I am waiting for my login to be approved, so I can write the final exam. 

Always learn something new!



As of: 12 Jan 2017, I am a graduate of Alberta Emergency Management Agency's Basic Emergency Management Course. I wrote the final exam at a relaxed pace and used 42 minutes of the available 60 minutes to write the exam and scored 96%.

Please, be patient with the website it may take a few days to get registered, you may have to email the AEMA to complete the process.

Never stop learning!!


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