4 October 2016

Castle Sinclair - Girnicoe, Caithness, Scotland

Sinclair Castle, near Wick in Caithness, Scotland. Not the most Northerly castle, but very close.

This was our second castle to visit while enroute to John O'Groats. We attempted to visit during our 1990's trip, however, we could not find the road around the Wick Airport. The old road went right passed the airport. This time with some assistance from the workers at the airport we learned where to find the route out to the castle. First task find Willowbank and drive East continue on Broadhaven Road. Follow North until it becomes Elzy Road. Upon arrival at the "T" intersection turn left. Roads don't really have names at this point. Follow until intersect across from Runway "26" Wick Airport, turn right. Continue pass the Noss Farm, road angles to the right. Continue until you pass a building/farm on your right and prepare to park in the parking area just passed this building.
Sinclair Castle

It is footborne from here. A short walk, no more than about 500m in each direction to Castle Sinclair. The foot path begins to the North of the parking area. The path is well worn and the castle is visible in short order.

This castle was of interest to us, because it is off the beaten path and we did not expect to see large crowds. We arrive in the afternoon and we did not see more than four others at any one time while at the castle or the approach.
Rough Coast Around Sinclair Castle

Sinclair Castle, Getting Closer
We did take one of the side paths to see what we could see. We were rewarded with a very good view of the rugged coastline. Be careful, if the grass is damp or wet, a nasty fall into the North Sea would most likely be fatal. Try not to do that.

The water here is crystal clear and the colours are hard to capture in the pictures. It is simply amazing. Well worth the detour.
Sinclair Castle Ruins

Sinclair Castle, Reno's in Progress

Sinclair Castle, Tower House

Sinclair Castle, Harbour
It would appear that Castle Sinclair is currently under restoration. Unfortunately, it was not possible to access the scaffolding area.....I am sure the views from there would be of the million dollar variety.

I will continue the castles, soon.

Until next time.....find something you enjoy.


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Sinclair Castle, Harbour 2

Sinclair Castle

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