10 March 2016

Mountainman's Clipart



I was working on a side project last weekend, which resulted in needing some images. So, in Mountainman fashion, I had to draw them myself....can't contract out these kinds of projects. 

All of these images were drawn, in some places with the aid of a straight edge, by hand on grid paper. Initial stage was drawn and corrected with pencil, before the final stage was inked in. Then the rough drafts were scanned and made into JPEG images. 

These new JPEG's were opened in MS Paint and all the tell-tale grid lines were erased. And in some places, lines were darkened. The images were then opened in an open document program and sized down, printed and scanned again. 

I am happy with the quality of the finished images. If anyone wishes to "borrow" these images for their own project, I do not mind so long as image credit is given to me. And a link to this Blog is given in the source bibliography. If credit is given, you have permission. No credit to the artist = stealing. 

Until next time.....if you need something done,
Get off your butt and do it!!!


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