22 March 2016

Cubist Escape Sling Pack - Part Four

Plans for the Cellpohone Pocket
Cubist Escape Sling Pack - fourth installment, the cellphone pocket.

Now this style of pocket could be used for other uses, if the right size is used. Like a compass pocket, GPS pocket, heck could even be used to hold magazines for you favourite rifle.

This pocket was made from Cordura fabric, which is quite heavy-duty. The inside is lined with polar fleece, to protect the screen from scratches and add a bit of padding to absorb a bit of life's rough handling.

To maximize the effectiveness of the polar fleece, I attached all the webbing and buckles before sewing the outer to the inner. You could sew through the whole thing, but that might not work so well for your cellphone screen. Your choice.

The only big consideration is whether to use 2 or 3 Vecro straps on the back of the pocket. I used 2 because this cellphone is not too heavy. I, also added a snap hook, to anchor the pocket to the upper "D" ring on the sling strap. This addition also allows the pocket to be used on other packs or gear vests or parkas that might not have MOLLE style webbing to anchor to.

That is about it, folks.

Until next time....keep busy, learning new things!!


Webbing Complete


Fit Test

Cell & Pouch

Attached to Sling Strap

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