22 February 2016

Tombstone Carryon Sling Pack - Part Two

Tombstone Carryon Front
Another successful weekend.....one Tombstone Carryon Sling Pack completed.

So, to design and make this pack took about 16 hours - +/- 2 hours. Good at thinking up ideas, not so good at keeping track of time. But, now that I have the "real" numbers and pattern, I estimate from start to finish this pack could be made in about 8 - 10 hours - layout, cutting, sewing and finishing.

In the end, I am not totally happy, the weight of the gear in the front pocket has a front heavy balance. As I was trying to design a carryon bag, I used a light design without much structure to support the weight. To be operational, the main bag needs to be mostly full of clothes, poncho liner and another soft fluffly stuff to give the main bag enough structure to support the front pocket.
Tombstone Carryon Right Side

Since a picture is worth a thousand words.....I will stop typing and then get this posted so you can look at the pictures.

Til next time.....make more gear!!

Tombstone Carryon Rear

Tombstone Carryon Left Side

Tombstone Sketch

Tombstone Carryon Sling Pack