13 December 2015

Who Hijacked OUR Timeline??

I have been reading Erich von Daniken's book, Chariots of the Gods? ((c) 1969), and it has got me thinking. I believe that was the purpose of his books in the first place, ask questions, lots of questions and hard questions. Those questions were to stimulate the thought process in the reader and hopefully, inspire the reader to ask their own questions and demand some kind of action from those in power.

And my question is: Who Hijacked/Stole OUR Timeline?? As von Daniken observed, in 1969 we, the peoples of the Western World, were on the verge of the greatest adventure ever..........SPACE. We landed astronauts on the Moon and we had ambitions on Mars and possibly Venus. In, Chariots of the Gods? von Daniken expresses the excitement of having mankind on the surface of Mars in the next 12 years.....that should have been 1981.......so, what the heck happened??? Why are we not out exploring at least the region of Space closest to us, our own solar system??

As I grew up in the 1970's, I too, expected NASA to have manned flights to Mars by the time I was old enough to go. But somewhere along the way our destiny got hijacked and our timeline got re-directed. Instead of exploring our solar system, we got iPhones, iPads, BIG SCREEN TV's, the internet & Facebook. These are just great.....they numb the thinking process for 10 - 16 hours a day. The average resident of planet Earth is an electronically pacified drone.....mindlessly, drifting through time & space, all the while selfishly numbed to the world around them. The remaining Earthlings are equally distracted by bullshit topics like Global-warming or tragedic topics like war. For all our potential as an intelligent species, we are collectively, easy to distract. Give us the lastest LED screen and the fastest gaming platform and for a few hours/days/weeks/years we do not care what is happening elsewhere. So, what happened??

Somewhere along the way, the collective "WE" got adverse to risk. It would look to me, that started to happen in the late 1980's. Once "we" lost our spirit for adventure and the quality of entertainment started to improve, "we" forgot about exploring - Space or anywhere else for that matter. Now those in power are so adverse to risk, we are unlikely to ever see any great advancements in technology. No more break throughs in medicine. No more break throughs in science. No more break throughs in transportation. No more break throughs in energy production. Without a higher purpose to channel our collective thoughts, we are only going to see more gadgets to entertain us for a bit or war & strife to punish us. When will 'WE" get our adventurous spirit back?? Where will "WE" explore next??

The purpose of this post is to challenge the status quo, there are answers but they come from you. What are you willing to risk to join the greatest adventure?? Who are you going to ask, "Why are we not out exploring Space??" "Why do we not have a base on Mars??" 

So, the next time you are thinking.....hey, what is wrong on this planet??
Go to a quiet place, look up into the Heavens and observe all those stars,
Twinkling. The answer may just come to you.

Until next time,
Don't be afraid to think for yourself!!


1 December 2015

Social Engineering: Bracken's Take On This Subject

Howdy Folks,

I have just be directed to review the following post:


Mathew Bracken seems to have researched this topic much deeper than I have and his essay (link above) translates my gut feelings into words. Not my words, but I would like to believe when more than one person share similar thoughts/feelings about world events, it is no longer a wild delusion. Social Engineering.....the downfall of Western Civilization?? Only time will tell.

Keep informed folks,

The times, they are a changin'