12 May 2015

Outdoor Survival Items - Part Two

Metal Match Pouch - Closed
Part Two of our Outdoor Survival Items will only include this one project based on the Metal Match Fire Starting Kit. I have recently received my Metal Match Fire Starting Kits from Amazon.ca and I wanted to make a pouch to carry this very handy item with me when I head to the bush.

First things, first.....This is the item from Amazon:

These Metal Matches shipped for free, but give yourself a bit of time if you need them for an upcoming trip, shipping from Malaysia takes 5 to 6 weeks. Remember, shipping is free. The costs were reasonable, less than $30 for 20 Metal Match units. 

The Metal Match Fire Starter Kit is very compact (about 1"x2"x3/8") and weighs next-to-nothing. It will light many 1000's of times. The unit consists of a striker with wick that stores on the inside of the case. The outside of the case has a ferro rod type surface to generate sparks when struck by the striker. The striker has a wick that is kept moist with a few drops of kerosene. The wick catches the sparks and the kero keeps the "match" lit until you transfer the flame to your fire.
Metal Match Pouch - Open
 Now, to build this pouch you need only a very few supplies: 2" webbing (1 piece 8" long), 1" webbing (1 piece 8" long), 1" snap hook x1, Hook & Loop tape (1"x2" x2 of each side).

When using webbing, remember to use a candle to burn the cut ends, so the webbing does not unravel.

This pouch will attach to a "D" ring on a pack or harness with the snap hook or it can attach via the hook & loop 1" webbing strap on the backside.

I have included my pattern at the bottom of the page in case you are working on a similar project and need a few ideas.

Construction time is less than an hour, including layout and cutting pieces. This is a good starter project and an easy "whip-it-up" project for experienced crafters.

I hope the pictures and the pattern assist you enough.

Remember, if you cannot afford someone else to build your gear.....build it yourself!!

Metal Match & Pouch

Metal Match & Pouch 2
Note: Kerosene is not included with this item, you must add that once you receive your Metal Match Fire Starter Kit.

Here is the link to: Outdoor Survival Items - Part One:  outdoor-survival-kit-items-part-one
Metal Match Pouch Pattern

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