12 January 2015

Building a Kid's Pack

The finished pack
The pattern used
Welcome to 2015. A new year and time for a new project. This time we are building a pack that is kids sized.

Front Pack Panel
Just because a pack is sized for a child does not mean we cut corners on construction. All the seams need at least three layers of stitching. The first layer is staright stitched to assemble parts, the next layer is a zig-zag to keep edges from fraying and finally, we add the seam binding tape and straight stitch the finish. Now some areas will require a bartack, like everytime you sew webbing to be used to hold add-on's. The reason for using such techniques is, when this kid grows up, just by adding adult sized shoulder straps this pack could be used for short trips and day hikes.
Zipper Half's, Load Toad & Front Panel

Shoulder Straps
 The pattern was drawn just-in-time. It acts as both a pattern and a build sheet. Recording sizes, quantities and possible modifications if built again.

The front panel also incorporates a M.O.L.L.E. patch of 1" webbing, so aftermarket pockets or pouches could be added to this pack.
Pack - Rear After First Shoulder Strap Added

Front & Side - Finished
 So, there you have it. A basic sketch and a relaxed day of watching movies & sewing. Viola, a kid sized pack. Piece of cake, right??


Finished - With Model

Finished - Sideview