9 March 2014

Four Squares To Resource Management During A Crisis

Not quite what you were expecting?? I am not surprised. Personal hygeine and waste management are not the first item most folks think about at the beginning of a crisis situation, natural disaster or even heading out camping. However, when the need arises - the full magnitude of the oversight becomes a profound life moving moment. Time, may or may not, be of the essence. For some well regulated folks, they will have a few moments to seek, locate and secure an alternative product. However, for some unlucky folks, when it is time-to-go, it is TIME-TO-GO!!!!  Stand clear.

Lightheartedness aside. This is a serious topic and a serious consideration for your planning and operational stages of any disaster management plan - personal, family or community level. It is a natural daily function of the human body to excrete biological waste. So, this must be accounted for in the resources we hold on hand. Like a reserve source of bottled water, food, clothes, light, and a method of lighting fires. We also need a source of toilet paper.

The source of toilet paper I prefer (pictured above) is: Soft & Pure Premium by Kruger Products or Scott. This product comes in 36 rolls per bag for about $22 + GST. Each roll is individually wrapped and has between 480 - 500 (10.7cm x 10.1cm) squares/sheets. 

What does this mean.....well for a family of three (2x males & 1x female), that means 36 rolls lasts just over a year. So, for planning purposes, we have one bag open for use and at least one bag in reserve. Once the bag we are using gets about half empty we replace one bag to our reserve. If we end up being housebound for any reason, we are good for at least 2 years without needing to improvise toilet paper. A year's supply does not take up much space, thus encouraging us to have a few extra rolls around the place. 

Four squares. If you want to start now to educate and convert your family's toilet paper use to a regulated, rationing mindset.......use four squares. For most bathroom visits, a nicely wrapped four square bundle of toilet paper will suffice the cleaning process. By starting with four squares you can determine how much toilet paper your family will need. 

A 500 square roll will provide 125 bathroom visits. A 480 square roll only 120. So, 36 rolls will provide between 4320 and 4500 bathroom visits, depending on the number of squares per roll.

Yes, there will be times that more than four squares will be needed. I, however, suggest getting into the habit of using less of this resource day-to-day, so when you HAVE to ration your toilet paper resources it will not be so difficult. Remember, hand washing after visits to the bathroom is always recommended. Keeping hands clean will prevent the spread of illness or disease, especially fecal-form illnesses.

So, whether you end up on the run and have to use an outhouse, chemical toilet unit or cat-scratch sanitation, always have a supply of your favourite toilet paper on hand.

Stay healthy and happy out there!


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