12 September 2013

Contest & The G.O.O.D. Plan e-Book Give-away

Howdy One & All,

For those who have just stopped by, welcome. To those who are returning, thank you for coming back for another visit.

Here are some sites to visit:




You may have visited the first site before, that is my blog dedicated to information about my book, The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge. The other two sites, I visit and support where and when I can. They both offer access to a wealth of knowledge about how to become more self-sufficient and to be prepared for those days when things just aren't going right.

I recommend a visit to both of those sites. Currently, they are each running their own contests, and some of the prizes are copies of my e-Book in PDF. So, drop by those sites and have a look around. If you join and become a member and then post a comment on my G.O.O.D. Plan you could be the winner.

All the best,



  1. Hello Mountainman /// Have missed your posts over at IPN /// Just checked out the canam site & noticed a lot of familiar users that just don't post at IPN anymore as well /// have now registered there myself /// I hope things are going better for you & yours after the disaster of a summer that has touched so many in AB

    Keep Safe /// Adrian (aka: Twenty3rdPsalm)

  2. Howdy Twenty3rd,

    Glad to hear from you. Welcome aboard at CanAmPreppers!! If you can contact Mule Skinner at IPN, please let him know I saw the book review, but was unable to respond on IPN. Thank him, please. I posted a reply at theGOODplanblog.

    Our Summer was not what we were expecting, but we have pulled through. Not done yet, and yes, the recovery is more challenging and trying than the initial evacuation or the destruction caused by the flood. Many leasons were learned, re-learned or re-practiced. But our town, as with many other towns, is pulling together and getting through this one day at a time.

    Thanks again for dropping by and posting!!