27 June 2013

High River Flood 2013 - Update 27 June 2013

 Well, we made it back for another visit from Highway #2 on 26 June 2013. We took a few photos and moved along before the Sheriffs or RCMP came to ask us to move along.

It is still quite sad, that we still do not know the status of our home. The not knowing is taking its toll on our well being. If you know you lost some or all, you can mourn your loss and prepare to move on. If you have escaped loss, you can rejoice at your good favour and move along to help others, knowing you are safe and secure. But not knowing, weighs on
you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is like an anchor holding you back. Slowly, but constantly drawing & taxing your energy, hope and faith.

Thankfully, we are staying with family in a supportive environment. We are receiving encouragement and offers for assistance from many of our friends and neighbours. We do live in a blessed part of the world. Thank you, to all of you who have helped.

Now these pictures. The first two are the water level in our part of town. Top photo was taken on 22 June 2013 and 
The one below it was taken on 26 June 2013. Not much difference in water levels, I am afraid. Since, these pictures were taken the canal was breached to assist in water removal, as well as, three 12" high volume pumps have been in use. After 24 hours the pumps lowered the water 1".

Pictures 3 and 4 are of the roof of the pump house across the street from Holy Spirit Academy. Again the water does not look like it has gone down much at all.

It has come to my attention, that while
searching homes for stranded or defiant citizens of High River, the RCMP has taken the liberty to remove firearms they discover in homes. Here is a link to the story in the Calgary Herald:  http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/alberta/Hell+Residents+angry+RCMP+sieze+guns+from+High+River+homes/8588851/story.html

It is too bad the citizens of High River have not been allowed in to secure their homes and their property from questionable search and seizure. I recognize the RCMP are just doing their job, but this is getting into a very distressing issue for citizens who obeyed the evacuation order and left peacefully. To find out property is being taken without permission.........

This last photo is the playground equipment on the lower play area at Holy Spirit Academy, taken on 26 June 2013. 

Tomorrow, we will try to pick-up our mail from the Post Office in Okotoks and then head for either Nanton or Vulcan to get issued our evacuation pay. We are so glad we registered at the Evacuation Centre in Okotoks on Thursday 20 June 2013, before seeking shelter with our relatives in the city. It has been very comforting to have place to live during all the chaos and confussion of the disaster, evacuation and now entering the recovery phase. I hope folks get to go home sooner than later. All the initial damage is now mute, as mould and bacteria have had a huge amount of time to spawn and multiply.

I will try to post another update soon. But, being forced to stay away is becoming more and more difficult, especially, when we do not know what the status of our home is.

Keep safe out there,



  1. Best of luck to everyone out there.

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